Apex Legends: Season 11 will introduce a tropical map, according to a dataminer

Apex Legends: Season 11 will introduce a tropical map, according to a dataminer

Apex Legends

Apex Legends since launch has received constant support from Respawn Entertainment which over time has introduced numerous new content, such as the Seer Legend introduced in season 10. According to a dataminer, Season 11 will instead mark the debut of a new tropical map.

The indiscretion comes thanks to a video by Shrugtal, a well-known dataminer in the EA battle royale panorama, who has found numerous clues in the game files that seem to lead to a new map set on a tropical island, from the name "Tropic Island" and that this should debut with the beginning of the next season, scheduled for the first months of November.

It would also appear that the map will incentivize vehicle travel, introducing a variant of the Trident hovercraft, and AI-controlled wildlife threats, which should add some spice to Apex Legends games. The tropical island, again according to the clues collected by Shrugtal, should be located on the planet Gaea.

Obviously this is all information to be taken with a grain of salt, waiting for official news from the Respawn developers. On the other hand, the latest map, Olympus, was introduced in Season 7 of Apex Legends, so the time would seem ripe for the introduction of a new battlefield.

Meanwhile a few days ago EA has released the Bangalore Edition, a bundle that includes exclusive skins for the soldier, while the PlayStation Plus will offer bonuses to all subscribers until the end of August.

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Apex Legends update brings changes for new Legend Seer

Respawn has released a new update for Apex Legends, which brings changes to the passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities of newest Legend Seer.The Apex Legends team had previously acknowledged issues with Seer, saying 'Seer is too strong right now', and has now shared details for an update with changes to Seer's abilities. You can check the full list over on Twitter, but the main changes seem to be that the cooldown for Seer's ultimate has been increased from 90s to 120s, while the detonation delay for his tactical has been increased from 1.4s to 1.6s. 'Players hit are no longer damaged or flashed,' Respawn says, adding that the field of view for Seer's passive, Heart Seeker, has been reduced, along with a few other changes.

The update has met with a decidedly mixed reaction on the Apex Legends subreddit, where players say that the nerf isn't enough for Seer's overpowered abilities, especially since he can still interrupt healing and revives, and add that he shouldn't be able to wallhack at all. What do you think? How else should Respawn adjust Seer? Let us know in the comments!