Alan Wake 2: The successor is probably in full production

Alan Wake 2: The successor is probably in full production

Alan Wake 2

Remedy’s latest financial report states that the unannounced project with Epic Games is in full production. Officially, what it is has not yet been revealed. According to various rumors, it is apparently Alan Wake 2. The first part appeared in stores eleven years ago. Most recently, Alan Wake made an appearance in a DLC from Control - the most recently released title by developer Remedy Entertainment.

In 2020, the company signed a publishing deal with Epic Games, which sponsor two projects and also act as Publishers will occur. Both titles are being developed for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. Due to the partnership, the PC versions will be sold exclusively in the Epic Games Store. The second game has also been in full production for some time. The project should be located in the same universe - albeit a bit smaller.


Control: Launch trailer with a gloomy atmosphere loadVideoPlayer ('81782', '& sAdSetCsategory = article_featured', 16 , '16: 9 ', false, 1377816, false, 249061, 260, false, 0,' ',' ', false); Control from € 19.99 At the same time, Remedy also talked about the control projects that are currently in progress. The production of the multiplayer offshoot with the project name "Condor" is supposed to progress. In the spin-off, fans will compete in a 4-player co-op in the control universe. Additionally, a brand new game in the series is also on the way. Supporters will have to be patient here. The title is currently only in an early conception phase. However, the budget should exceed the predecessor. According to Remedy, Control has now been tried by more than ten million players.

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Alan Wake 2 Speculated To Be In Development

Alan Wake is a pretty old video game at this point but continues to find a massive following. This was a thriller action-adventure game that went on to become a notable hit at launch. There was also a spin-off game released, but for fans who have been waiting on a sequel, things haven’t popped off quite yet. While the developers did plan a sequel, it never came to fruition.

That planned sequel eventually became Quantum Break which didn’t have quite the mass appeal as Alan Wake. The developers over at Remedy Entertainment have been listening to fans ask about a proper sequel for years now. It wasn’t looking all that positive either since, at the time, Remedy Entertainment didn’t even own the full rights to the game IP. If the sequel was to ever get released, the studio would need the backing of Microsoft as they held the publishing rights. Back in 2019, that changed as Remedy Entertainment managed to get the full rights for the IP.

Since then, we got a small glimpse of the IP once again during Control’s DLC. However, it looks like there might be a sequel in development. After a Remedy Entertainment investors call, it was noted that their next AAA video game title has entered full production. That is leaving plenty of fans assuming that this game is Alan Wake 2. This would also make sense now that Remedy Entertainment acquired the full rights to the IP back in 2019. As a result, there is a good chance the developers are ready to dive back into this game franchise.

Of course, this is not the only game in production over at Remedy Entertainment. They have a few games in the works, including a Control sequel and a multiplayer spin-off game. We’re likely to hear more about Control’s upcoming video games first since this latest game just entered the full production phase. Still, there’s also the potential that the developers will alert fans of an upcoming sequel before actually unveiling anything specific to that particular game.