Airbus is studying a flexible display to replace aircraft magazines

Airbus is studying a flexible display to replace aircraft magazines

The special technology developed with Chinese Royole to replace the swag of magazines, menus and paper brochures with a digital flip device

(Photo: Royole - Airbus) The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the company Chinese technology Royole showed the prototype of a special flexible display that could soon replace the paper swag of magazines, flyers, catalogs and safety information material found in the seat pocket on planes. Folding oled screens are in fact among the most efficient solutions against paper waste.

In 2018 Airbus and Royole signed an agreement for the future development of flexible solutions on board aircraft, to "build a futuristic cabin , digitized and customized to further improve the environment, safety and energy saving ", as quoted in the joint press release of the time.

Three years later, the collaboration begins to show its first fruits thanks to experience of the European manufacturer and the Chinese group, founded in 2012 by engineers from Stanford University who have struck a series of firsts, such as the first curved dashboard for cars based on flexible electronics in 2016 up to the first real smartphone with a folding screen , the not-so-exciting FlexPai, which debuted shortly before the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

(Photo: Royole - Airbus) The flexible digital magazine prototype shown by Airbus and Royole uses a thin oled layer that can work with a modest amount of energy, is much lighter than an LCD and, above all, can guarantee an experience similar to that of leafing through a magazine or a printed catalog. The possibilities of this accessory are many, because it could host both the airline's magazine and the on-board menu, but also the various advertising inserts with the possibility of showing advertisements, including those on video, and brochures on safety procedures. It would update digitally to refresh the contents and it would also be easier to sanitize between flights.

There is still no precise debut date for this solution, but it could be adopted in time short, together with a series of other new technologies (such as for on-board entertainment) to the benefit of consumption and the environment.

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