3dfx Interactive has finally risen from its ashes, but is it really so?

3dfx Interactive has finally risen from its ashes, but is it really so?

3dfx Interactive has finally risen from its ashes

A few days ago, we told you about the alleged return of the historic 3dfx, a company that made the history of graphics cards having been the first ever to create a chip dedicated to three-dimensional graphics (but without 2D support) and which, later, was acquired by NVIDIA. In fact, an "official" Twitter account appeared completely out of nowhere, where a new promotional image had been published, making an appointment today, Thursday 5 August, for further announcements.

Finally, the day we were waiting for has arrived ! The long-promised moment in which the famous graphics card maker of the 90s, 3dfx Interactive, would rise from the ashes and present us with a stunning new range of video cards has arrived. But was it really like that? Just take a look at the Twitter account to know the answer.

Credit Twitter / 3dfxInteractive Credit Twitter / 3dfxInteractive Judging by the slides, players will soon be happy as 3dfx Interactive will be back in the limelight thanks to the next commercialization of the Voodoo 6 video card on PCI bus (not even AGP or PCIe!), accompanied by a smart TV, a Bluetooth speaker, a 5.1 sound system, a smartphone and a tablet. The alleged investment data shows that only 10% is devoted to GPU development, while the remaining 90% is shared among other consumer devices. Apparently, the new 3dfx Interactive wants to focus on a diversified product portfolio, to the benefit of the supporters of the brand!

Unfortunately, despite being a company potentially investing billions of dollars in technology products, 3dfx Interactive apparently cannot afford a proofreader, as the various articles they are working on will be shown at the event CEC 2022 and not CES 2022. However, the acronym CEC could refer to the "Congress On Evolutionary Computation" which takes place in Poland, a rather unusual occasion to launch a GPU.

Credit Twitter / 3dfxInteractive Credit Twitter / 3dfxInteractive As you may have understood, it was a great short-lived troll, but one that at least managed to get us a smile in this hot August 2021.

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