Windows 11: These Asus mainboards are compatible with Windows 11

Windows 11: These Asus mainboards are compatible with Windows 11

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Asus with information about Windows 11

In connection with the new Windows 11, there are still uncertainties regarding the suitability of hardware for the operating system. As we reported, Microsoft had withdrawn a tool that could be used to check this, because on the one hand it sometimes also indicated compatible hardware as incompatible and on the other hand the information content of the analysis was too weak to help users. Wccftech has now referred to a list from Asus, with which one has a certain degree of security about the compatibility of the PC with Windows 11 even without a check tool. The manufacturer recently published a list of mainboard chipsets that are suitable for Windows 11 in its FAQs. Asus also gives some general tips in the corresponding section. Asus shows, among other things, how to update the BIOS if necessary, but also points out that installing the current preview version of Windows 11 is at your own risk and that you cannot guarantee that it will work in spite of existing compatibility.

What are the requirements for Windows 11 so far? A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0, which is supposed to serve security, is particularly important for Windows 11. So far, TPM 2.0 played practically no role for private users, but is on board with modern mainboards. Furthermore, a CPU with at least two cores and from 1.0 gigahertz and 4GB is required, the graphics card or IGP of the CPU must be capable of DirectX 12. The latter is the case, for example, with Intel Core i CPUs from the 6000 generation, but Asus has so far only listed Intel mainboards with chipsets for the 1151 v2 socket (Core i 8000 CPUs) and the current 1200 socket. This information also corresponds to the information from Microsoft about the Intel CPUs, because there too, the Core models only start from the 8000 series. At AMD, Asus gives an okay for all Socket AM4 motherboards, so one could assume that there are no problems on the CPU side from the Ryzen 1000 models - however, according to Microsoft information, it only starts from the Ryzen 2000 series, as far as processors are concerned.

Over 70% of our polled readers like Windows 11 so far

Windows 11 Notification ActionSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

The first preview build of Windows 11 rolled out last week, and many Insiders raced out to try out the operating system. We ran a poll over the weekend to see what people think of the new OS so far. Based on early feedback, our readers are fans of Windows 11.

Out of over 2,000 votes at the time of publication, over 60% of polled readers said that they're 'really liking' Windows 11 so far. An additional 13% say that Windows 11 is 'an absolutely mind-blowing game-changer,' meaning over 73% of polled participants view Windows 11 positively.

8.5% of participants said that they're indifferent about Windows 11, and only around 5% said that they like it slightly less than previous versions of Windows. Under 3% of polled readers said that they view Windows 11 as a 'travesty of an OS.' In total, only around 8% of people that voted in the poll view the OS in a negative way.

10% of polled readers haven't installed a preview build of Windows 11 yet.

How do you feel about the Windows 11 Insider preview build so far?

Those that took time to comment appear to view the OS more negatively than those that voted. Many people criticized the new Start menu.

'Just installed it. Not liking the new Start Menu, but we will see what happens what features they add,' said Vincent McLaughlin. 'As of now, I'm not understanding why people consider this modern. It's bland and static.'

Others were more positive, including aXross, who said, 'True, overall it is more polished at first go than what it was with first release of Windows 10. And we are still months away from public release either.'

We'll leave the poll open to see if it trends in another way after more people can try out the operating system. We'll likely circle back with a similar poll as Windows 11 moves further into its development.