Will PES 2022 be free? Someone says yes

Will PES 2022 be free? Someone says yes

The PES series could be undergoing a drastic change over the course of this year. We know that football made in Konami has always suffered from competition from FIFA, especially on the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) side and in recent years it has also seen the license of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League stolen. The Japanese development house, however, would be thinking of a different strategy, which would see the next game in the series become completely free, thus following the free to play formula.

FIFA and PES are now reaching ever higher standards. The indiscretion, which we obviously treat as a rumor, comes from a podcast by VGC, a British newspaper, where one of the participants said he had received information about the fact that PES 2022 will not be paid. This is an epochal change, which however would also justify the strange free test that appeared on the PlayStation Store over the last few days. Officially the beta was just a sort of stress test for online servers, but based on the mobile version. And the mobile version of Konami's football simulator has always been free.

Although all the elements coincide to give rise to these assumptions, it is good to remember that at present it seems really difficult for Konami to offer PES 2022 for free. On the other hand, we are talking about one of the best-selling games ever and which every year tries to introduce new exclusive licenses, which obviously have a very high cost on the publisher and developer side. We will certainly know more over the next few months, when Konami will remove the veil from the new Pro Evolution Soccer, perhaps during the 2021 edition of Gamescom.

Free to play or not, PES 2022 will surely be one of the most anticipated games this year by fans. In fact, last year Konami decided to skip the release, offering an update instead. The reason? To better focus on the new consoles, to offer a real next gen experience in 2021. Will it also be a free experience at this point?

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