Will the OLED switch have Joy-Con drift? Nintendo answers

Will the OLED switch have Joy-Con drift? Nintendo answers

The Big N unveiled a Nintendo Switch OLED a few days ago, a reinterpretation of the original model with a larger, OLED-type screen, plus some small structural and functional improvements. Although the console body and dock have undergone changes, many have noticed that the Joy-Con mounted on it are still the same ones that Nintendo has produced since the platform's launch in 2017.

As a result, some users have pointed the finger at the possibility that even with the Switch OLED there could be a problem that has plagued gamers for more than four years now. For a very long time now, users have been complaining about the well-known "Joy-Con drift", a hardware problem of analog sticks, which can wear out easily, making the software recognize inputs that are not really entered and thus making it almost impossible to play most of the titles.

The problem is so widespread that lawsuits have also been launched against the Kyoto house, in order to shed more light on the matter and do justice to the users who find themselves or to send their Joy-Con in assistance or to buy new ones. With the announcement of the Switch OLED, some newspapers asked Nintendo if the drifting problem would also occur on the new model, but without obtaining results.

The company simply refused to comment explicitly, misleading the answer towards details such as the absence of a new CPU in the OLED model. Regarding the Joy-Con of this version, Nintendo has stated that "the configuration of the Joy-Con controllers and the functionality have not changed with Nintendo Switch (OLED model)" suggesting that the devices have remained unchanged. What do you think about it? Have you also had faulty Joy-Con? If so, please let us know how you resolved the problem with a comment.

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