What will you play this weekend?

What will you play this weekend?

What will you play this weekend? After a busy week, here is finally a moment of pause that we can dedicate to our passions, first of all video games. Do you dedicate it to the recovery of the backlog or to some new experience?

If you are a fan of Nintendo productions, maybe you bought The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD just yesterday, the awaited remaster of one of the lesser known episodes of the series, not only improved on the graphic level but also in the gameplay and controls.

The latter in fact exploit a double combination of motion detection and physical buttons, with the possibility of switching at any time from a solution to the other where you have a standard Nintendo Switch or the Lite model, without, as we know, independent Joy-Con.

How? Are you still undecided? Then maybe take a look at our review of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for an in-depth analysis of the game, its strengths and any shortcomings.

If you don't own Switch and prefer experiences completely different, F1 2021, the latest edition of the FIA ​​licensed driving game developed by Codemasters, is also available in stores since yesterday, the first after the acquisition of the team by Electronic Arts.

Lots of news of this episode, first of all the narrative mode Braking Point, which offers an exciting variation on the theme compared to the traditional career by telling us the story of a novice driver, who starts from the lower categories, nourishing the dream of one day becoming Formula One champion .

Again, if you have any doubts you can read our F1 2021 review and maybe decide to go out this morning, reach your favorite video game store and buy the game and then devour it over the course of the weekend.

In short, there are two great titles at your disposal if you want to dedicate the weekend to the latest news. But maybe, as mentioned, you are going to recover a little and face the dreaded backlog. Whatever your choice, let us know what you will be playing this weekend!

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