Unbeatable offer: Get Age of Empires 4 as a subscription and as a bonus

Unbeatable offer: Get Age of Empires 4 as a subscription and as a bonus

Unbeatable offer

If you take out a subscription for PC Games - regardless of whether it is digitally or classically printed, you will also receive a great, high-quality game bonus. Currently we can make you an unbeatable offer with our partner Gamesplanet. For the conclusion of an annual subscription for PC Games Extended Print or the conclusion of a two-year digital subscription, you also get Age of Empires 4 on top!

You can check out which games are still available as bonuses at Gamesplanet.

Order now PC Games Extended Print with DVD annual subscription + games bonus for 72 euros per year 72.00 euros If you decide on the digital version for two years, you will also get Age of Empires 4. If Age of Empires 4 doesn't suit you, you can choose from a large selection of other games.

Order now PC Games Digital Two-year subscription + game bonus for 79.98 euros for two years 79.98 euros If that Subscription contains a bonus, it will be sent by post. The dispatch takes place approx. 14 days after receipt of payment.

Play as subscription rewards

Among other things, there are currently: Age of Empires 4, FIFA 22, Battlefield 2042, Farming Simulator 22, B iomutant, Days Gone, Chivalry 2, Mass Effect Legendary , Total War: Warhammer 3, Deathloop, Resident Evil Village, Humankind and more depending on the subscription type selected.

Current bonuses for subscribers Source: PC Games

How do I get the game bonus in the subscription of my choice?

First choose an interesting game at Gamesplanet, then go to the Computec webshop and log in (if you don't have an account, you should create one). Then you order the subscription you want and receive the key for Gamesplanet by post as soon as the subscription has been paid for. Here you log in, put the game you want in the shopping cart, redeem the Gamesplanet voucher and you will get your favorite game.

You can see more subscription offers for PC games in the Computec Shop.

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