Twitch: streamer attacked by a group of drunks during a live IRL

Twitch: streamer attacked by a group of drunks during a live IRL


Polish Twitch streamer mlodyo was attacked by a group of drunks during a live IRL (in real life). Ours was walking through the streets of Warsaw at night when the crime happened. The reason for the attack was the fact that he was live with his phone. Fortunately he managed to escape from his attackers and suffered no damage of any kind.

IRL live streams have always been some of Twitch's most problematic, due to their very nature. Going around cities or public places can always reserve some surprises, also because it is not possible to control everything that happens, as a Japanese streamer who is thrown out of a club that does not tolerate foreigners knows well.

After the 'emergence of the clip with the attack on mlodyo, the Dexerto website contacted him to get his version of the facts: "I was in a place in Warsaw where everyone is drunk. They (the attackers ed) were arguing and I was ten meters away. They were furious about my phone and the fact that I was recording. "

mlodyo tried to explain to the three that only he was seen live and that they weren't even recorded, but they attacked him anyway. A girl from the group tried to save him, but the three, armed with pepper spray, got on his heels and managed to give him a few pushes and spray his leg with the spray. Fortunately, there were no more important damages and ours got away with little.

To see the attack clip go to Twitch.

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