This new Chinese monitor uses IGZO technology

This new Chinese monitor uses IGZO technology

Green House Gaming is certainly not a household name outside the Land of the Rising Sun, but the company is bringing one of the first gaming monitors with IGZO displays to the market. IGZO is a semiconductor material used on LCD panel backlight modules that has 20-50 times greater electron mobility, significantly better translucency (transparency), and smaller transistor sizes than amorphous silicon (a-Si) traditionally found on modules backlight of the LCDs. Better transparency means lower energy consumption, as less energy is needed to reach certain brightness levels. In addition, the faster electron mobility allows for slightly shorter response times and the smaller transistor sizes allow for higher pixel density.

The GH-ELCG27WA-BK / GH-GLCC27WA-BK monitor from Green House Gaming spotted by PC Watch boasts IGZO technology, as well as specs that can rival the best gaming monitors. Resolution is 1440p with a 165Hz refresh rate, 2ms GTG response time, and Adaptive-Sync support. The company also claims a brightness of up to 350nits and a contrast ratio of 1,000: 1. However, the device does not support the DCI-P3 color space which is becoming more and more popular in gaming video games. Instead, it offers 99.9% sRGB coverage and 96% Adobe RGB coverage. As for the connectivity department, there are a DisplayPort port, three HDMI, a USB Type-C and a 3.5mm audio jack, while the stand allows you to adjust height, inclination and rotation, as well as providing a convenient hook for positioning. your headphones.

Incorporating IGZO material into a backlight module isn't cheap. Only two companies in the world, Samsung and Sharp, have licensed IGZO technology from its inventors to the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Furthermore, only Sharp (owned by Foxconn) has actively used IGZO technology on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), notebooks and high-end TVs in recent years. Therefore, it is likely that Green House Gaming is using a panel made by Sharp. It remains to be seen whether or not other monitor manufacturers will adopt the same panel.

Green House Gaming hasn't announced pricing for its IGZO monitor, but availability is scheduled for this month.

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