The Virgin Galactic lottery: tickets to travel to space are up for grabs

The Virgin Galactic lottery: tickets to travel to space are up for grabs

The Virgin Galactic lottery

Now that Virgin Galactic has taken its founder to the edge of space, Richard Branson (to get to know him better, here is his biography Courage to Risk) is ready to offer ordinary people the chance to embark on a similar journey. Below you can find the full video showing the success of Branson's feat:

How to win space travel tickets (unfortunately, not from Italy)

Virgin and Omaze announced a sweepstakes to win two seats aboard one of the first commercial space flights. To be as clear as possible, we emphasize once again that it will not be possible to participate in the initiative from Italy.

The lottery will end on September 1st and companies will reveal the winner on September 29th. Anyone lucky enough to win will have to be willing to take a break from work though. Before you can actually travel into space, you will need to undergo the same training as any other Virgin Galactic passenger. However, this will also make it possible to take a tour of Spaceport America, the spaceport located in the Jornada del Muerto desert, New Mexico.

Certainly, the idea of ​​giving life to a lottery where the prize is space travel tickets is a great way to capitalize on and advertise Virgin's spaceflight and stir up hype for the company's efforts in space tourism. However, this seems to be a very significant moment for private space flights: a very well known example is that of SpaceShipOne, the first private spaceship ever.

This is a very fast growing sector, considering that the very idea of ​​being able to win tickets to travel to space was not even imaginable at the time when NASA and other government agencies were the only ones organizations that organized expeditions of human beings into space, who were always professionals, never ordinary people who instead wanted to enjoy a sui generis holiday. As it is happening today.

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