The car market in Italy, used cars are growing amid uncertainty and tradition

The car market in Italy, used cars are growing amid uncertainty and tradition

The car market in Italy

The latest research carried out by the Areté company on a sample of over 500 Italian citizens confirms that our country is not exactly the mirror of changes and revolutions. The subject of the survey was the purchase intentions for recently registered cars (Euro 5 and 6) in the short and medium term. 1 in 10 people said they intend to change their car between now and the end of the year, but the most important aspect concerns the growth of used cars (almost half of the next purchases).

Many factors have an impact here, starting with the economic one and arriving at the uncertainty deriving from the transition period that the automobile world is going through. Between the regulations set by Europe on electric cars, the new overdue incentives and the still high prices of the EV sector, it is not easy to make a so-called "future proof" choice. For this reason, many still focus on the used car while waiting for the situation to settle definitively.

If 4 out of 10 Italians say they are directed towards used cars, old habits and clichés remain at the base of this decision. For example, the fear of a possible theft of a brand new car or serious damage because there are new drivers in the family. In addition, most of the respondents (who focus on used vehicles) are still directed to heat engines, with electric as the last choice. The result of hybrid engines is better, reaching 40% interest.

Continuing in our local tradition, those who focus on new products do so for lack of confidence in used vehicles (it does not matter that dealers offer the guarantee). Other reasons concern the new technologies and additional features offered by the latest models, while hardly anyone talks about performance. After all, the car is considered first of all a means of getting around more or less anywhere. 71% of the sample prefers this vehicle over all the others, with bikes and motorbikes stopped at 10%.

Finally, not even on purchasing methods do we find big surprises: 80% of respondents prefer classic Internet dealers and the same percentage keeps an eye on incentives. In practice, this research (albeit on a limited sample) confirms everything we knew, only in a more rational way. So we can predict that the energy transition and the transition to electric motors, with us, will take a long time.

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