Tesla, the Supercar-style steering wheel will be the standard

Tesla, the Supercar-style steering wheel will be the standard


Elon Musk has denied via Twitter that upcoming Tesla models may offer a traditional steering wheel as an option, hinting that the Yoke version has become the de facto standard. The curious object, clearly inspired by the television series Knight Rider (Supercar in Italy) has received equal criticism and praise since its introduction. This is because, if on the one hand it increases the visibility of the instrument panel, on the other it complicates certain maneuvers a lot.

Here is the famous Kitt cabin ... Several Tesla users have in fact complained about the difficulty of regaining control using what is in practice "half" flying. For example on ice or in unexpected maneuvers, it can happen that the steering wheel slips off and with the shape of the Yoke model it can be very difficult to grab it again. Similarly, performing precise maneuvers in tight spaces such as parking lots is rather complicated since it still takes several rotations.

... and here is the modern version signed by Tesla In this sense, Musk had ensured the arrival ( next future) of progressive steering and specific driving aids that offer the same solution. That is: change the turning radius based on the speed and the context in which the vehicle is located, as is already the case on many city cars. But for now there is no trace of all this in the current models and those already announced under the Tesla brand. The only alternative, if you really don't want to learn a new way of steering, will be to turn to the aftermarket. Most likely, given this news, several accessory manufacturers are designing traditional steering wheels for the new Tesla.

Not long ago, Elon Musk himself claimed to find the new Yoke steering “excellent” and it couldn't be otherwise as Tesla's founder and president. Beyond marketing, given the size of American streets and the huge spaces they offer, it's easy to believe them. But the discourse changes completely when thinking about the viability of other countries. In practice, it would be enough to invite him to park in one of our cities, to make him change his mind quickly.

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