Resident Evil Re: Verse has been postponed again, that's when it comes out

Resident Evil Re: Verse has been postponed again, that's when it comes out

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Capcom has just announced the postponement of Resident Evil Re: Verse to 2022, right in this month of July in which its release was planned. The game had already been postponed earlier, as its initial release date was May 2021, but now this blow has also arrived for fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new horror experience.

Resident Evil Re: Verse is a multiplayer video game from the famous Capcom saga. The title is included for free with the purchase of Resident Evil Village, the latest chapter in the saga that is breaking record after record, or can be purchased separately. In May there was already a public beta set at the famous Raccoon City Police Station, of Resident Evil 2. The video game, in fact, is characterized by the presence of locations and characters belonging to the many chapters of the horror saga.

We leave you to Capcom's message released on social media: “The launch of Resident Evil Re: Verse, previously announced for July 2021, has been moved to 2022 so that the team can continue working to offer a smooth gaming experience. . We will share updated details on the launch at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ”

“ For players who have purchased a physical version of Resident Evil Village, we recommend that you keep track of the included Resident Evil Re: Verse download code or add it to your own account now, so you can be ready to play when the title launches next year. "

Fans of Capcom and the survival horror saga are a bit baffled by the not very timely communication, given that the game was expected in these days. We do not know the reasons for this postponement, but it is good to remember the usual quote to Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Super Mario, about the development of video games: "A postponed game will eventually become beautiful, but a game released quickly will be forever. ugly. ”

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‘Resident Evil Re:Verse’ gets a last-minute delay to 2022

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At this point, it's almost a surprise when a notable game slated for 2021 isn't delayed. The latest title to slip to 2022 is Resident Evil Re:Verse, the upcoming multiplayer take on the horror franchise. What stands out with this delay, however, is that Capcom is putting the release date on ice only a week or two before the game was supposed to drop.

'The previously announced July 2021 launch of Resident Evil Re:Verse is being moved to 2022 so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience,' the Resident Evil crew wrote in a tweet. 'We will share updated launch details at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.' 

Re:Verse was announced as a freebie for those who own Resident Evil Village. Capcom suggested those who have a physical copy of Village keep their Re:Verse download code in a safe place or add it to their account so they're ready to roll when the game finally drops.

Re:Verse is effectively a separate deathmatch mode in which between four and six players pick a Resident Evil character and duke it out in short battles. When you die, you return as a zombie. The player with the most points after five minutes wins.

Game development is a complex process where all manner of things can go wrong. We've seen time and time again that delays are often necessary, especially amid the impact of COVID-19. Pushing back Re:Verse by at least six months at the last minute is a curious case, though. A lengthy delay indicates the game isn't close to being ready despite the July release window.

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Although it's an add on for a main-series Resident Evil game, the delay will be disappointing to those who were looking forward to Re:Verse. Still, it's better to have a game that arrives late and works properly from the jump rather than one that needs months of post-launch hotfixes and larger patches to squish bugs.