Raspberry Pi Pico now also controls turrets for perfect shooting

Raspberry Pi Pico now also controls turrets for perfect shooting

Maker Daniel Wareham has created a rather interesting and original project based on Raspberry Pi. Using the acclaimed, and inexpensive, microcontroller, Raspberry Pi Pico, Wareham has created a 3D printed turret that can be controlled both manually and automatically.

Credit: Daniel Wareham First of all, let us note that this turret it doesn't actually fire but, although there is no mechanism for launching projectiles, it does a great job of demonstrating the aiming and control capabilities of a real turret by sending the calculation data to the OLED screens on the controller.

The turret itself is housed within a custom 3D printed enclosure. Inside there are a pair of motors that control the left / right movement of the body and the up / down movement of the barrel. The device works using a separate controller that sports a beautiful design and a refined interface. The latter has two OLED screens for data output and settings adjustment, three sliders, two knobs, three potentiometers and a joystick for manual operation.

Credit: Daniel Wareham As we told you shortly ago, actually the turret does not fire bullets but can aim by itself and take into account the movement of the target for real-time simulations. The military-inspired algorithms were written with the free and open source language Python. The best projects for the Raspberry Pi are the ones that can be made comfortably at home, and Wareham was kind enough to share all the mechanical details on GitHub for those who want to replicate his work.

In case you are interested in finding out how the unit works, we advise you to take a look at Daniel Wareham's official YouTube channel, in which there are several videos that describe in detail the construction of the turret.

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