PUBG: Animated series from the makers of Castlevania

PUBG: Animated series from the makers of Castlevania


More and more computer and video games are getting their own series - this now also applies to the battle royale shooter Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. As Krafton Inc. announced in a press release, an animation series by PUBG is planned. For this, the company has secured the services of the well-known showrunner and producer Adi Shankar.

Shankar should already be familiar to many of you. Among other things, he made a name for himself with the Netflix series Castlevania. He has also worked on several films with Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt and Liam Neeson. Accordingly, he should have enough experience to adapt Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (buy now € 18.42) in the form of a good series. So far, however, there are no further details about the project. It is not known when and on which streaming services the series can be expected to start, nor is there any information about the story or the characters who will play an important role. In any case, Shankar shows in a statement that he is on fire for the project:

"As a player, I've been crushing my competition on the battlefield since PUBG was released in 2017. I'm very grateful to Krafton for both her faith and her also the confidence they put in me and my vision as a filmmaker. I'm looking forward to being part of this journey together. For me, this animation project represents another step, the burned bridge between the game industry and Hollywood Can't wait to show everyone what a chicken dinner looks like. "

Source: Press release

PUBG Animated Series on Netflix: All You Need to Know

Adi Shankar holding a sign: PUBG Animated Series Under Development by Castlevania © Deepti Ratnam | Staff PUBG Animated Series Under Development by Castlevania's Producer Adi Shankar

PUBG is not an unknown game to anyone. The popularity of this Battle Royale Game can be measured from the fact that the number of people playing PUBG game in the whole world is shocking. Now in good news for PUBG players, the game is getting an animated series by Castlevania Producer Adi Shankar. Krafton announced the news in a press release stating one of the most innovative content creators in Hollywood today and a geek culture visionary, Shankar's credits include the smash-hit Netflix Original Series 'Castlevania.'

It is not yet known as to what the project will be all about, but after this collaboration, PUBG players might get quite a bit of action through the animated series. Adi Shankar, producer of Castlevania mentioned about his excitement and said -

'As a player, I've been crushing the competition in the Battlegrounds since PUBG released in 2017. I'm grateful to Krafton for the trust and confidence they've placed in me to execute my vision as a filmmaker and I'm excited to embark on this journey together.'

He further added,

'To me, this animated project represents another step in the evolution of mending the torched bridge between the games industry and Hollywood. I look forward to revealing to everybody what winning a chicken dinner looks like.'

Shankar is popularly known for his super hit series Castlevania on Netflix successfully completing four seasons recently. PUBG also gained 1 billion downloads recently. CH Kim, CEO PUBG Corporation also shared his views on the working together with Shankar and bringing this project together. He said -

'In addition to the continued development of new and engaging in-game PUBG content, our partnership with Adi Shankar represents a step into our broader strategy of expanding the PUBG Universe into a multimedia franchise. 'We are excited to work with Shankar on exploring and realizing a world that brings the game to life for our fans. We look forward to sharing more about this animated project in the near future.'