Pokémon GO: The first Hyperbonus event is about to start - you need to know that

Pokémon GO: The first Hyperbonus event is about to start - you need to know that

Pokémon GO

The first Hyperbonus event 2021 in Pokémon Go starts tomorrow: Because players have mastered all 24 challenges at the Go Fest, they can now look forward to rewards and special features. The in-game event is divided into three parts: the time of the hyperbonus, the room of the hyperbonus and a mysterious hyperbonus. Part 1 will be activated on July 23 at 10 a.m. You will then have until August 3rd to take part in the in-game activities. You should definitely visit the raid battles of level 5, because this is where the legendary Pokémon Dialga appears. If you are lucky, you will even meet a shimmering specimen.

In the raid battles of level 3, Magneton, Aerodactyl, Porygon2 and Golgantes are on their way. At level 1 you will meet Icognito U, Koknodon, Schilterus, Bronzel and Klikk. Shiny Icognito U is also on the way. Also roam the wilderness to spot monsters like Voltobal, Porygon, Amonitas, Kabuto, Puppance, Koknodon, and Schilterus. Amonitas, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Liliep, Anorith, Koknodon and Schilterus hatch from the 7-kilometer eggs. To encounter Event Pokémon, you should complete the Limited Research on the Hyperbonus Event in Pokémon Go. During the event, you will receive thematically appropriate field research from PokéStops.

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Pokémon GO: Start of the event for the 5th anniversary - these are the special features

Niantic is celebrating the fifth anniversary of Pokémon Go: The start of a suitable event for the celebrations is imminent. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1376363,1376358,1375689,1375263'; Part 2 "Room of the Hyperbonus" starts again on August 6th in Pokémon Go. "Space curves, so certain Pokémon appear in regions that are not part of their natural habitats. Among other things, Palkia appears in raid battles of level 5, while Furnifraß and Fermicula appear in the wild," writes Niantic. Skaraborn also appears for the first time worldwide in raid battles of level 3. The Shiny variant is also on the way. Part 3 of the Hyperbonus event will finally begin on August 20th. However, Niantic is still mysterious: "What happens after part 1 and part 2? Are there still strange events? What awaits us in part 3? We'll keep you up to date!"

Pokémon GO Fest 2021 earned over $21 million in two days

Pokémon GO Fest 2021 took place last weekend, and it was another successful launch. While it introduced the Mythical Pokémon Meloetta and brought some older legendaries back to raids, it was also very profitable for Niantic and the Pokémon Company.

According to a Sensor Tower report shared with Eurogamer, Pokémon GO Fest 2021 earned over $21 million in two days. With tickets costing $5 globally, the app was able to have its most lucrative weekend apart from the one-day Kanto Tour event that happened earlier this year.

Although some people on the internet enjoy saying the game died before its launch in July of 2016, Pokémon GO recently passed the $5 billion player spending total while players have spent up to $731 million so far in 2021.

In a press release shared by Niantic early this week, the developer thanked all the players for this event.

“This year’s Pok√©mon GO Fest was filled with celebration and music, and we hope you had as much fun as we did! Like last year’s event, Pok√©mon GO Fest 2021 was held as a virtual event, bringing the Pok√©mon GO Fest experience to millions of Trainers all over the world.”

  • Trainers caught over 1.5B Pok√©mon.
  • Trainers spun over 900M Pok√©Stops.
  • Trainers completed over 23M raids.
  • Trainers collectively walked over 125M kilometers.
  • This year, Niantic was also able to create Pok√©mon GO Fest celebrations in over 20 cities around the world. In Chicago, for example, trainers were able to recreate the original Pok√©mon GO announcement, gathering 100 trainers to take down Mewtwo, as well as other legendary Pok√©mon.

    Apart from that, the Pokémon Company will soon have more good news to share as it has just launched Pokémon UNITE on the Nintendo Switch. The free-to-play MOBA is set to launch in September to iOS and Android phones.

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