NieR Automata on Steam: fans celebrate! Patch expected for 4 years on the way

NieR Automata on Steam: fans celebrate! Patch expected for 4 years on the way

NieR Automata on Steam

Ever since NieR Automata was released on Steam, PC users have had a lot of complaints about that version. Unlike the console editions, on Steam the Platinum Games title has suffered for several years from some problems that have prevented players from enjoying one of the most beautiful action video games of recent years to the fullest. Today, after 4 years of waiting, it seems that the Steam version of the game is finally about to receive the much-needed update.

Nier: Automata (2013) To announce the novelty was the same platform of Valve, which has published a new update post on the page dedicated to NieR Automata. The new corrective patch will be released on July 15th, and will fix some of the situations that weren't going too well since the game's launch on Steam, even undermining the gaming experience for some fans.

For the most part some technical problems will be corrected, including: HDR, the antialising function and about 270 interface textures for icons, backgrounds and other elements will be made compatible with 4K resolution. Add to this the implementation of the borderless video configuration, a new global illumination function and the Fidelity FX CAS function will be added.

The Steam version of NieR Automata will receive a patch this Thursday, July 15

- Nibel (@Nibellion) July 13, 2021

But the innovations that will be introduced thanks to this patch don't stop there. Also thanks to the post on Steam we discover that the patch will also fix some bugs present in this version of NieR Automata for PC. One above all concerns the framerate, which from Thursday will be set by default on 60 FPS. Many users who own this version of the game are happy to finally be able to enjoy a stable version of the title in every respect, although many others are disappointed by the wait that it took to release this patch.

If you haven't already, you can purchase your copy of NieR Replicant on Amazon at this address.

Nier: Automata's Infamously Bad Steam Version Is Getting Some Fixes

The long-awaited update for Nier: Automata's controversial Steam version will finally arrive on July 15 and will include borderless video settings, a Fidelity FX CAS feature, 4K UI textures, and much more.

Shared on Steam, the update notes also reveal that Nier: Automata on Steam will detect if your system has HDR and will boot the game in HDR mode if it does. It will also adjust anti-aliasing functionality, improve the bit rate on cutscenes so they will play in 60 FPS and display in the correct aspect ratio, add a Global Illumination feature, and add ambient occlusions/bloom settings.

There will also be various bug fixes, including switching between display modes for screenshots, the mouse cursor no longer being displayed when using a controller, stabilizing the frame rate at 60 FPS under defaults settings, and more stability related fixes.

These fixes address many of the complaints levied at this port, although some may still be hoping for an official way to play the game at higher than 60 FPS.


When the Steam version of Nier: Automata was released, it received notably poor reception due to many of the features that will be added in this patch not being present. Square Enix offered no immediate solution, and many fans took it upon themselves to fix many of these issues.

The problem was made even more bizarre when Nier: Automata was added to Xbox Game Pass on PC, and it was quickly discovered that it was the updated Become As Gods edition rather than the 'vanilla' Steam release.

This update will be free to all owners of Nier: Automata on Steam, and you can see the full patch notes below;

Changes Made

  • Borderless Video Settings
  • Borderless video settings have been implemented.
  • Fidelity FX
  • A Fidelity FX CAS feature has been added.
  • HDR
  • The system will now detect whether HDR has been activated in the Windows display settings, and automatically boot the game in HDR mode if it has.
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Adjustments to the anti-aliasing functionality
  • UI textures (4K)
  • Approximately 270 UI textures for icons, backdrops and UI elements etc. now support 4K resolutions.
  • Cut scenes
  • The bit rate has been improved and all pre-rendered cut scenes adjusted, so they will now play in 60FPS and display in the correct aspect ratio without stretching the picture.
  • Global illumination
  • A new “Global illumination” feature has been implemented. This can be set to three different levels; High, Medium or Low.
  • Ambient occlusion/ bloom
  • The rendering targets for ambient occlusion and bloom effects have been changed to dynamic resolution based on the game’s resolution.
  • Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to switch between recently selected display modes for screenshots, such as between full screen and windowed mode or between borderless and windowed mode, by pushing the Alt + Enter keys together.
  • The mouse cursor is no longer displayed when using a game pad controller.
  • The frame rate has been stabilized at 60FPS under default settings.
  • Other stability related fixes have also been implemented.
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