New World: Amazon's MMO triples the numbers of Final Fantasy 14

New World: Amazon's MMO triples the numbers of Final Fantasy 14

New World

Last week the PC beta of the new Amazon Game Studios MMORGP New World finally debuted. The game immediately ended up on the lips of many fans due to some problems that emerged in the early days of the beta. Between video cards literally destroyed and players banned from the game for absurd reasons, the launch of this new MMO was not the smoothest, but despite these situations it seems that the Amazon game is achieving incredible success.

New World 1080p Although New World has not yet been fully released, the beta of Amazon's new MMORGP has already reached a concurrent player peak of over 200,000 players. What is astounding is that this number achieved in such a short time represents almost triple the concurrent player record achieved by Final Fantasy 14 of 67,000 active users, a record that has only recently been achieved by the Square Enix game.

In this count, only the active players on both Steam versions of the two games were considered, this also because New World is not available on other platforms outside of the PC. We do not know if the Amazon Game Studios title will ever arrive on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but from the numbers that the beta PC is doing these days it is clear that the attention and curiosity of players towards the Amazon title are already at very high levels. .

With such a large community, the guys at Amazon Game Studios can make New World debut on the right foot, although we still need to see what the development team's plans are on the content to arrive in the game in the future .

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New World Continues to Surprise on Steam

News video games 26 July 2021, 10:40

Steam users rushed to buy New World pre-orders to join the closed beta. RimWorld: Ideology and the action game Death's Door also recorded successful debuts.

  • Players rushed to buy pre-orders of New World because they this would enable them to take part in closed beta;
  • Excellent debut of the Ideology expansion for RimWorld;
  • Successful launch of Death's Door.
  • As every Monday, Valve released a list of last week's biggest Steam bestsellers (by revenue). The list was dominated by pre-orders of New World. Various editions of this MMORPG took the first two places. The release is still a month away, but its success comes from the fact that pre-orders are a sure way to get into the ongoing closed beta.

    Last Wednesday we wrote about how successful the beta tests were. During them the game set a new activity record of 190,811 people on Steam. It was broken yesterday - at the hottest moment on Sunday, the virtual New World was explored by 200,856 users.

    The release of the RimWorld: Ideology expansion, which ranked third on the bestseller list, was also a big success. This achievement is all the more impressive that the DLC costs less than $20, and as we mentioned, the list is created based on revenue. The expansion not only sells nicely, but has also been warmly received by fans. On Steam, 87% of user reviews are positive, which is categorized as 'very positive reception'. The release of the expansion also enabled the production to reach a new activity record - yesterday, at the peak of the day, the title was played by 50,907 people.

    Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and the racing game F1 2021 continue to sell well, while the action game Death's Door from indie studio Acid Nerve also made a good debut, taking 9th place. Two Rockstar hits - Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2- also returned to the top ten. The increase in interest is driven by, among other things, the release of new content for the online modules of both titles.