Microsoft Surface Duo 2, prototype shows important news

Microsoft Surface Duo 2, prototype shows important news

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

No, Microsoft hasn't given up on developing new smartphones yet. After the presentation of Surface Duo last year, a smartphone that attracted a lot of attention but then had a rather difficult launch, it seems that the Redmond company wants to try again.

The first images leaked online allow you to take a look at what should be near-final prototypes of the Surface Duo 2, the second generation of dual-screen smartphones that could be announced later this year.

The images were for for the first time shared in a video on YouTube and, although the origin could not be confirmed, Windows Central was able to confirm the legitimacy of the prototypes shown.

According to what has been leaked, Microsoft Surface Duo 2 will inherit from its predecessor much of its own aesthetic. Starting from the double display up to the hinge capable of rotating 360 °, passing through an external glass finish and a generally very thin design, smartphones would be practically indistinguishable from each other if it were not for the real big novelty that it is impossible not to have already noticed: a new external photographic module.

The module, with a decidedly conspicuous thickness and dimensions, is made up of three cameras. These should be accompanied by ultra wide-angle, classic and telescopic lenses respectively.

Recall that the first model had only a single 10MP camera positioned on the display side that could be used for normal photos only by fully opening the smartphone and placing the two displays on opposite sides of the terminal. In the video, you can see two distinct Surface Duo 2 models, one white and one black.

The launch of the terminal is expected to be in October. We hope that the American company has managed to package an overall more valid package from the point of view of specifications than the first model, which according to most had a price that was not justifiable despite a unique design and software functions.

What do you think? Would you like a smartphone with a similar design to the Microsoft Surface Duo if it were offered with a better quality / price ratio than the first generation?

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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leak hints at a massive camera upgrade

Microsoft's Surface Duo drew flak for delivering outdated specs at top-tier prices (among other missteps), but that might not be true for the sequel. Windows Central has shared a Tech Rat leak purporting to show images of the Surface Duo 2, and they suggest Microsoft is dragging its dual-screen Android phone into the modern era. Most notably, there's a conspicuous rear camera bump with three sensors — you wouldn't have to use a single camera for everything. WC understood these were standard, telephoto and ultra-wide shooters.

The leak also shows the Surface Duo 2 in a stealthier black color, and suggests Microsoft has pulled the fingerprint reader from its original spot and moved it to the power button.

There's little to see of the two screens or the internals, although WC and previous leaks point to a much-needed jump to modern hardware. Microsoft will reportedly outfit the Surface Duo 2 with a Snapdragon 888 chip, 5G and NFC. No more using year-old parts with glaring omissions, to put it another way.

WC claimed Microsoft will launch the Duo 2 sometime in September or October. It's not certain what the price would be, but Microsoft lowered the original's price from $1,399 to $999 just a few months after release, and it's available for $650 as we write this. The company is clearly aware that the first Surface Duo's steep price scared would-be buyers, and it likely won't want to make that mistake again.

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