Microsoft Flight Simulator: Soon to be flying through the air in helicopters

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Soon to be flying through the air in helicopters

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just recently, Asobo Studio announced the imminent release of Sim Update 5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which, among other things, should provide a decent performance boost. But what can the fans expect over the next week and months? Quite a lot - as the latest blog entry by the development team shows.

In it, Asobo Studio goes into, among other things, the features, content and additions most requested by fans. In this list, the requirement for airworthy helicopters is by far the most important. This seems to be the command of the developers and they are currently planning to add such a feature over the next year. A specific date has not yet been set. However, it is already clear that with Microsoft Flight Simulator (buy now € 69.99) you will soon no longer bea> able to sit in the cockpit of an aircraft.

Functionality for is also high on the wish list several monitors (2021/2022), a replay function (2021) and support for DirectX 12 (2021). All of these features are either already under development or are at least firmly planned.

However, there are also things that the fans want or demand, but which are not approved by the team. These include opening up the weather system for third-party developers or activating FSArchive files for premium or deluxe aircraft. In any case, it is certain that Asobo Studio has a lot planned for the future of Microsoft Flight Simulator, fans shouldn't have to worry about this.

Source: Asobo Studio

Microsoft Flight Simulator takes flight on Xbox Game Pass next week


Xbox players can claim the skies next week.

Dan Ackerman/CNET

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able live out their piloting fantasies on console starting next Tuesday, July 27, as Microsoft Flight Simulator comes to Xbox Series X|S. The ultrarealistic flight sim is the headliner of the service's July lineup, which also includes Battlefield V.

You may need to clear some space on your Xbox, though, since it'll reportedly require nearly 100GB.

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Flight Sim landed on PC last summer and gave CNET's Dan Ackerman the chance to buzz his Brooklyn apartment building. Modders even mirrored the 200,000-ton cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week earlier this year. 

In a July 15 development update, Asobo Studio hinted that it's planning to add helicopters to the game next year. Before that, a free Top Gun: Maverick tie-in expansion is coming this fall.

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