Mercedes promises 1000 km batteries as early as next year

Mercedes promises 1000 km batteries as early as next year

Just a few days ago we were talking about the forecasts on the rapid increase in range in electric cars, but the goal of long distances may be closer than you think. On the sidelines of the latest announcements on EV plans, Mercedes presented the ambitious Vision EQXX project. This is a platform that will be applied to new models as early as next year, capable of reaching 1000 km of autonomy on a single charge (and doing almost 10 km per kilowatt hour).

Since we are still at simple teasers aimed at competitors (ie designed to scare rivals) each specification remains confidential. But there is talk of an increase of 20% compared to the efficiency of the EQS and the use of proprietary technologies instead of an increase in the number of batteries used. In other words, Mercedes claims to have found the solution to the historical problem of electric cars without using any stratagem.

The German company has made use, among others, of the know-how accumulated on the subject by its team of Formula 1 and plans to show in practice what has been announced over the next few months. To underline the confidence in the project, last year there was talk of covering the distance Beijing-Shanghai (about 1,200 km) with a single charge. We will see if the goal is really achieved, because after these announcements many will criticize every possible extra refill.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that Vision EQXX is not the name of a new model and will not be marketed as well as it can be seen (or rather glimpsed) in the images. But many elements will become a constant in the next cars of the German house. Among these, the low aerodynamic coefficient and the reduced height from the ground, necessary to limit the friction with the air, thus helping the batteries. Here too, it is clear which is the first designated opponent and that is Tesla, the reference brand for luxury electric cars.

It remains to be seen whether Mercedes will succeed, but the new competition is always welcome as it usually brings more choice and more competitive prices. Also considering that the technologies applied to the Vision EQXX will then be reused in a wide range of models.