Kingston updates its RAM Fury line with three new models

Kingston updates its RAM Fury line with three new models

Kingston recently unveiled three new models (Impact, Beast and Renegade) that upgrade its RAM Fury line, all of which have an aggressive look and are capable of delivering high performance.

Credit: Kingston Beast is available in two variants (with RGB lighting or not) and is sold in kits of one, two or four DIMMs, with frequencies ranging from 2666MHz to 3733MHz. As for the timings, the Beast range guarantees CAS CL15, CL16, CL18 and CL19, while the operating voltages vary from 1.35V up to 1.5V.

The next ones, Renegade, are designed kits, according to the same company, "for overclockers, PC builders and gamers". Renegade is available in single modules from 8 to 32 GB up to eight-piece kits for a total of 128 or 256 GB of capacity. The RAM is also available in a version with RGB LEDs, but if you are looking for the best possible performance, we recommend that you choose the models without this feature. In fact, the RGB variants reach a maximum frequency of 4600MHz, while those without RGB reach up to 5333MHz. The lowest latency of the RGB version is CL15, while the non-RGB one reaches CL13.

Finally, we find the Impact range aimed at notebooks, which means that it is SODIMM. While not as fast as its desktop siblings (maximum frequency of 3,200MHz), Impact still offers low latencies (CL15 to CL20). The memory modules are sold as single pieces 8 to 32GB and dual channel kits for a total of 16 to 64GB.

According to Kingston, all three models are fully compatible with both Intel and AMD. For more information, please visit the official website.

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