GTA 6 could be the latest installment in the series

GTA 6 could be the latest installment in the series

Although we still have no clue as to the existence of GTA 6, the elusive Rockstar Games title has been on the lips of many fans and insiders since time immemorial. In fact, rumors have been constantly talking to us about what the new Grand Theft Auto could be like for years, but not even a shadow of confirmation. Today one of the most authoritative rumors in circulation has returned to talk about the mysterious title, who wanted to focus on an aspect relating to the future of the franchise.

GTA 5 Michael Franklin Returning to GTA 6 was Tom Henderson, the well-known industry journalist and insider who, in the past, correctly predicted many of the news that then came to Call of Duty Warzone and beyond. With a new editorial signed by Henderson, the journalist wanted to focus on some details that he had already brought to the attention of fans through a recent video published on his YouTube channel.

Now Henderson has declared that he has thought a lot about the future of the GTA saga, and according to him the next GTA 6 will be the last chapter of the franchise that will see the light. The rumors speak of an expected release of the game not before the next 2024, and although it seems strange, the sector journalist is convinced that one of the most important and popular sagas in videogame history could really end with the highly anticipated sixth chapter. >
The reason, again according to Henderson, we already have in front of our eyes, with GTA 5 which despite its age is still one of the most played and updated titles on the market. Rockstar's goal would be to make GTA 6 the definitive chapter of the franchise, capable of constantly updating itself even with large expansions without feeling the need to switch to a new chapter every few years.

As we always emphasize, until Rockstar Games speaks these speculations must be taken with due attention, but the point of view proposed by Henderson in these hours is certainly interesting. And what do you think of it? Do you really think it's possible that the GTA saga ends with the sixth chapter?

There is still a lot of smoke and mystery around GTA 6, but in the meantime, while we await an official announcement, you can buy the still very popular GTA 5 on Amazon at this address.