Gran Turismo 7: beta coming? Announcement at a possible PlayStation event

Gran Turismo 7: beta coming? Announcement at a possible PlayStation event

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 could soon have a beta test according to what is leaked from the internet, an official Sony app, and its announcement seems to be made official during a digital event of Experience PlayStation.

It has been a long time since there were updates from the development of Gran Turismo 7. The last official news dates back to 5 months ago, when it was announced its postponement to 2022. Now it has been some Gran Turismo fans who have noticed references to the beta, as part of a PlayStation Experience promotion. Sony's little-known app is designed to connect fans with promotions and special events as part of live shows, such as the 2017 Anaheim PlayStation Experience Show. such an event, only available digitally for the occasion due to the pandemic.

To access the beta, it seems you need some twisted steps. First, players must go to Experience PlayStation from the official website, then select "Start Quest" and "Related Campaign", and then access "Italia Quest". Among the four present missions there is one called "Gran Turismo Beta (Test)" and although it might seem like a promotion valid only in Italy, it is actually open to anyone.

The site suggests that you can unlock the beta code ahead of time by watching the launch of the Gran Turismo 7 demo. This code would consist of 12 digits, probably all numerical given that the placeholder image placed to give an example of the redemption of the beta is a series of numbers. Someone has also tried to enter these numbers, but obviously they don't work.

It would also appear that there is the wording "PS5 Only", but it must be understood if this means that Gran Turismo 7 will be a Sony next-gen exclusive or if simply access to the beta test is intended only for PlayStation 5 owners, however, remember that in reality Sony, through a post on the PlayStation Blog, had confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 would be a cross-gen game.

Although this feature appeared by mistake on Experience PlayStation, however, this suggests that a beta of Gran Turismo 7 is upon us. In the past there was already the launch of Gran Turismo Sport in beta, so the probability that the same procedures will take place for the new seventh chapter of the saga cannot be ruled out. We look forward to new confident news.

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Gran Turismo 7 Beta Signups Leaked By Experience PlayStation

A quest on the Experience PlayStation website appears to confirm an upcoming Gran Turismo 7 beta. The quest, which seems to have been implemented before it was ready, tasks players with viewing part of the Gran Turismo 7 launch trailer in exchange for a beta code.

What is the Gran Turismo 7 beta quest?

You can check out the quest for yourself by heading over to the Experience PlayStation site. You'll need to click 'Start Quest', sign in to your PSN account, then navigate to the Quests tab (the small crown icon). Click 'Related Campaigns', then click 'Italia Quest'. Regardless of what it may look like, the Italia Quest is open to everyone. The condition for the quest is simply to watch 10 seconds of the Gran Turismo 7 launch trailer, which is embedded into the widget on the site. Once completed, you'll be 'given' a beta code, although the code itself is just 1234-5678-9012 and doesn't work when attempting to redeem it.

The beta code "awarded" to players for viewing the Gran Turismo 7 launch trailer on Experience PlayStationUnfortunately, the Gran Turismo 7 beta code being awarded for this quest doesn't actually work.Why doesn't the Gran Turismo 7 beta quest work?

So, what's going on here? It's likely that Sony intends to offer the Gran Turismo 7 beta code as a reward for this quest, but that the quest isn't yet ready for whatever reason and was implemented too soon. The quest is marked with '(TEST)', suggesting that it's just a trial run before the full quest comes along. Supposedly, the quest ends on July 31st, but it's not clear whether this means the actual quest - complete with actual beta codes - is coming before then, or merely that the test ends on that date. It's also rather interesting that the test code is marked 'PS5 only', which could mean the beta will be for PlayStation 5 only.

We'll bring you more on Gran Turismo 7, including a potential date for the upcoming beta, as soon as we get it. The game was recently delayed into 2022 due to difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's going to be a little while until it sees a general release. Until then, it might be time to start getting excited for the beta, which should tide you over until the real deal arrives.

Are you looking forward to potentially playing a Gran Turismo 7 beta? Let us know in the comments below!