Google Doodle: Free retro Olympics game

Google Doodle: Free retro Olympics game

Google Doodle

At the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Google presented one of the most extensive doodles to date, which all visitors can play on the Google homepage today. It is a small role-playing game called "Island of Champions" in which you can experience the adventure of Lucky the cat.

A total of seven sports are distributed around the world, which you can explore freely. Numerous secrets and side quests are also hidden on the island. In addition, players can look forward to animated cutscenes that appear again and again in the course of the story. Your goal is to decorate the trophy room in the middle of the island with your achievements. The inhabitants of the island also have assignments for you, with new rewards waiting for Lucky at the end. The complete game can be played with the arrow keys and the space bar. A simple control is also available for mobile devices.

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In order to provide users with better information, Facebook news is now also available in this country within Facebook. What is behind the message var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1376476,1375897,1375244,1372302'; In addition, the game automatically saves the current progress. So you don't have to end the entire adventure at once. The following sports await you on the island of champions: table tennis, skateboarding, artificial swimming, rugby, archery, climbing and marathons. The team at Google has made a nice retro game here that is definitely worth a look. Even though some disciplines of the Olympic Games have already started, the longstanding sporting event will only officially open today. Because of the pandemic, the games will take place a year later than planned. Audience is not allowed in Japan.

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Google's Olympic Doodle is a full-on anime sports game

a close up of a toy: The biggest interactive Doodle yet. © Provided by Mashable The biggest interactive Doodle yet.

Google has a new Doodle to celebrate the start of the Olympic Games in Japan, and it's one of the company's most elaborate Doodles yet.

The Doodle is a complete sports game, with a neat animation intro and several disciplines to choose from. Now, Google has released game Doodles before, but never as complex as this one — it has seven games (with more to come), side quests, bosses, an open, interactive map, numerous NPCs ready to chat with you, and a leaderboard.

In short, Google says this is its largest interactive Doodle yet. And you know what this means: Don't even start unless you're ready to lose at least half an hour exploring what the game has to offer.

The games, which include table tennis and skateboarding, are easy and fun, though some — like artistic swimming — can be quite challenging. And you can also do side quests, such as bringing a letter from a ghost dad to his son who lives in an underwater castle.

As for the animated intros, you can check them all out on their own on Google's dedicated Doodle YouTube channel. There, you will also find a 'behind the scenes' video, which explains how this massive Doodle-slash-game-slash-experience got made.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games start today, and will take place until August 8, 2021, after being postponed from last year due to the Covid-19 pandemics. When you're done playing with Google's latest Doodle and eager to watch some sports, check out our guide on how to do that even without cable.