Gigabyte expands the AORUS WaterForce line with new models

Gigabyte expands the AORUS WaterForce line with new models

Gigabyte recently unveiled some new products that add to its AORUS WaterForce family of water cooling solutions. The new AIOs are compatible with all currently existing CPU sockets, including the Intel Core i9-11900K via adapters, and borrow many features directly from the high-end line (AORUS WaterForce X). The AIOs are available with 240mm (with two 120mm fans), 280mm (with two 140mm fans) and 360mm (with three 120mm fans) radiators.

Credit: Gigabyte Compared to previous models , Gigabyte has increased the diameter of the tubes by 7.8mm and more durable materials are used. The company says this design increases water flow by 37%, optimizing durability and heat dissipation. There is also a reference in the press release to "graphene lubricating nano bearings" on the radiator fans for "ultra-low friction and noise", which should ensure 6% less noise than standard double ball bearing fans. , as well as more than double their operational longevity.

Performance-wise, Gigabyte claims the 240mm AORUS WaterForce AIO can cope with the heat output of the eight-core, sixteen-thread Core i9-11900K Intel running at 5.1 GHz on all cores and reaching maximum CPU temperatures of 83 ° C during stress tests.

Credit: Gigabyte From the design point of view, the radiator, fans and pump are completely black, but equipped with ARGB LEDs compatible with the RGB Fusion 2.0 ecosystem. The copper-plated waterblock features the usual AORUS eagle design and a practical temperature control animation that changes the ARGB lighting based on the values ​​found to always have the situation under control in a simple way. Unfortunately, at the moment no information regarding prices and release period has been disclosed. However, it is to be expected that these new AORUS WaterForce AIOs will cost less than the flagship WaterForce X models.

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