Fortnite: Update 17.21 available after downtime - patch notes are here

Fortnite: Update 17.21 available after downtime - patch notes are here


Update 17.21 is available for download for Fortnite. The patch follows a downtime: The battle royale shooter was temporarily offline this morning. In the meantime, Epic Games has submitted the patch notes - and with them details of the changes and innovations. A new feature is the plasma cannon, which you can find in both IO and normal chests. The gun has enough energy to shoot five plasma balls. The spheres are surrounded by an electric dome while they move slowly forward.

"Enemies inside the dome take severe damage and are knocked back. The same applies to vehicles. Tip: If you find a way, Catching enemies in the dome despite the recoil, they take repeated damage, "writes Epic Games in the patch notes for Fortnite (buy now 37.95 €) Update 17.21. More devastating effects can be seen on the buildings. With the plasma cannon you can destroy buildings almost instantly. By the way: You can also make the gun by combining a legendary pistol with an alien nanite.

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Fortnite offline: Server down for update 17.21 today - new patch is pending

Fortnite offline: The battle royale shooter is temporarily down today - the update 17.21 is pending. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 17.20 - these are the changes & innovations

Epic Games is releasing the Fortnite Update 17.20 as a download. The patch will be available after the downtime this morning. That’s in it. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite offline: Update 17.20 comes today - downtime information & patch preview

Fortnite down: The Battle Royale shooter is temporarily offline today - Update 17.20 is pending. It's in the patch. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1376661,1376633,1376239,1376199'; With the Fortnite Update 17.21, there is also a minor innovation on the map: An unusual alien ship has recently been floating above the Spire basin. "What purpose it serves will probably show at some point in the near future," announced Epic Games. The update is rounded off by the Kuhgler's return to competition-oriented game modes.

It looks like Fortnite’s next big event is happening on August 6th

Fortnite’s next big live event appears to be very close. After the game’s most recent update, a new alien ship can be found hovering over the center of the battle royale island, projecting a clock counting down to August 6th.

Given Fortnite’s history with live events — which have included everything from a Galactus attack to an island-destroying black hole to an actual single-player mission — it seems likely this countdown will end in the latest such moment. Developer Epic, as always, is being cryptic about what’s happening. “Its intent doesn’t seem to be for harm,” the developer says of the ship. “It’s predicted its purpose will become clearer in the near future.” Previous leaks have also suggested an Ariana Grande concert is coming to the game, though it’s unclear if the pop star has any connection to the alien invasion.

Fortnite’s current alien-themed season kicked off on June 8th, changing the battle royale game with all kinds of new alien weapons and terrain. Since then, Fortnite has seen a steady stream of updates and events, including a trippy concert, a short film festival, and new characters like Loki, LeBron James, and Bugha.