Fortnite offline: Update 17.20 comes today - downtime information & patch preview

Fortnite offline: Update 17.20 comes today - downtime information & patch preview

Fortnite offline

Fortnite goes down: Maintenance work on the Battle Royale shooter is due today. Epic Games announces via that update 17.20 will be available for download in the course of the downtime. A specific time is also already available: Fortnite goes offline at 8:30 a.m. - and thus earlier than usual. As usual, the organizers switch off the matchmaking system half an hour earlier. At 8 o'clock the last match before the downtime could be entered. From 8:30 am the servers are down, neither logins nor access to the game are possible.

The specific patch notes with all changes and innovations are not available. However, Epic Games announced a first preview. Accordingly, the Fortnite (buy now € 34.22) Update 17.20 introduces preferred item slots, which the developers previously announced. This gives players better control over which slots collected items go into. In addition, the developers announced that the progress of the task "Deploy Alien Nanites anywhere other than Holly Hatchery" is not properly recorded for some players. With Fortnite Update 17.20, the quest should be completed automatically if you are one of the players who recently had problems with the mission.

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Fortnite: Patch Notes for Update 17.20 - these are the changes & innovations

Epic Games has released the Fortnite Update 17.20 for download. The patch will be available after the downtime this morning. That’s in it. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO X360 0

Fortnite: Update 17.20 probably coming soon, date for LeBron James skins

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Fortnite: Hotfix for update 17.10 is here - patch brings new alien item

Epic Games has released a hotfix for Fortnite update 17.10. Here you can find out what's new. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1376199,1376239,1375777,1375416'; Shortly after the 17.20 update, Bugha's Late Game Arena mode will also be available at Fortnite. "Prove yourself in this arena mode to qualify for a one-day tournament with cash prizes," wrote Epic Games in response to the announcement. The event will take place from July 20th to 28th. "You and your trio will land on the island while the storm is already looming. We are working with Bugha to create nine unique inventory compilations that have been divided into three team kits. Each trio is randomly assigned one of these team kits "continues Epic. You can find additional information on the developer website. Shortly after the release of Bugha's Late Game, you will also find the "Bugha" outfit and other items from the set in the item shop.

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