Fortnite: Indonesia wants to ban the game, Epic Games is not there

Fortnite: Indonesia wants to ban the game, Epic Games is not there


As reported by CNN Indonesia, a minister of the eastern nation would like to ban Fortnite due to a group of players who would have created - and then destroyed - the Kaaba, the most famous sacred site for Muslims. Epic Games rejects the allegations.

Sandiaga Uno, Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, said he has discovered that, in a Fortnite map created by users, players can destroy a building that would resemble the Kaaba, an Islamic symbol placed in the center of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, a pilgrimage destination for millions of Muslims every year.

Judging from what we know, it would seem that the event that upset Minister Sandiaga took place in a Fortnite sandbox mode. The Epic Games game, in fact, thanks to the fame that allows it to have so many crossovers and different iterations, also has a creative mode that allows players to create customized maps.

The anger would have prompted the Minister to lash out publicly against Fortnite, announcing that he wants to ban the game from Indonesia: “The game Fortnite is directed against sacred values, especially religious ones. This can trigger disrespectful behavior among religious communities and encourage acts of violence. "

Epic Games has already responded to the accusations, clarifying that Fortnite does not allow players to destroy structures already in the game, with a post on Facebook:" We would like to emphasize that our team respects all religions and we work to close contact with content creators among our players in order to provide a safe gaming experience for all. "

After Epic's statement, CNN Indonesia reported that Indonesia's Minister of Communications and Information Johnny G. Plate acknowledged that the offending content was created by a player and not Epic Games, so now the authorities are busy trying to track down the creator of the blasphemous content. Of the Minister Sandiaga, however, in the meantime it is not yet known whether he has changed his mind on Fortnite.

Fortnite is also available in a Monopoly version, as you can consult from this link.

Fortnite Alien Nanites location: Where to find and deploy Alien Nanites in Season 7 (Week 5 Challenges)

The long-anticipated Fortnite item, known as “Nanites,” finally got added to the game. While the item was speculated to create a low gravity zone, players were surprised when it was realized that it also created something of an alien biome.

It would seem that Sunny has caught wind of this alien technology and now wants to help the aliens settle in further by creating more alien biomes for them, just like the one present at Holly Hatchery.

She is currently enlisting the help of players to carry out her tasks and is rewarding anyone willing to create more alien biomes for her in-game. Players who decide to help her will be tasked with deploying a Nanite, and upon completion, they will be rewarded with a whopping 30,000 experience points.

"Deploy alien Nanities" week 5 Legendary challenge (Image via ShotgunDrTwitter)

"Deploy alien Nanities" week 5 Legendary challenge (Image via ShotgunDrTwitter)'Deploy alien Nanities' week 5 Legendary challenge (Image via ShotgunDrTwitter)

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To complete the “Deploy alien Nanities” challenge, players must obtain an alien Nanite and deploy it anywhere on the island. Once completed, players will be rewarded with experience points.

However, completing this task is easier said than done. Following the Fortnite 17.10 hotfix, abductors were taken off, which means that access to the Alien Mothership has been restricted as well.

According to prominent leaker HYPEX, these were the best places where players could find Nanites in abundance. Given the issue, players will have to resort to looking for Nanites in chests and ground loot.

Since Holly Hatchery is now an alien POI for the most part, there is a higher chance the Nanites will spawn at the location for every game. However, be aware that this area has become a hot drop zone to some extent.

While the task at hand sounds a bit difficult, it shouldn't pose too much of an issue to Fortnite newcomers and veterans alike. However, if the players find the challenge too hard to complete now, they should wait until the abductors are added back in-game, which should be soon. The challenge is currently live.

Readers can watch this video for more information:

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