FIFA 22: Inter show the new shirt with a digital Romelu Lukaku

FIFA 22: Inter show the new shirt with a digital Romelu Lukaku


The avenues of marketing are endless and their mothers always pregnant. For example, Inter have chosen to team up with FIFA 22 to show their new and much discussed Nerazzurri shirt in an unprecedented way. For the occasion he made a digital Romelu Lukaku wear it.

The new Inter shirt for the 21/22 season abandons the classic stripes for a more hybrid approach, almost python, focused, however, on the classic Nerazzurri colors. On display, in front and central position, is the Scudetto.

In addition to the mallet, the video shows some of the most representative players of Inter, obviously with Romelu Lukaku at the center of everything. However, one can also note Lautaro Martinez and Nicolò Barella, fresh winner of UEFA Euro 2020. From the little shown we see a clear improvement in the faces and in the reproduction of the bodies of the various players, much more varied and detailed than in the past. br>
The Belgian, for example, looks more and more like the impressive mountain of muscles he is in reality. Muscles that, however, were not enough to get the better of Giorgio Chiellini, loudly requested on the cover of FIFA 22

Have you noticed any mistakes?

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Leaks Reveal Massive Overhaul

Speculation surrounding the upcoming FIFA 22 is running rife and some huge news has just been leaked on social media with 'multiple changes' said to be coming to Ultimate Team.

This year's upcoming EA Sports title will, once again, include its flagship Ultimate Team - also known as FUT or UT - and there could be some big changes on the horizon for the fan favourite game mode.

With FIFA 21 already seemingly getting stale, gamers participating in FUT Champions have complained that they were no longer enjoying the 30-game slog in the Weekend League - but that looks all about change. Hallelujah!

A leak has revealed that <a href="">there will be</a> some big changes coming to Ultimate Team on FIFA 22 later this yearA leak has revealed that there will be some big changes coming to Ultimate Team on FIFA 22 later this year

According to @KingLangpard on Twitter, FUT Champs will be made up of 20 games in FIFA 22, rather than the gruelling 30-game chore - and about time, too.

In many cases, players would not even complete the 30 games, with some stopping at 17 or 20 wins every weekend.

With that said, the proposed change to a 20-game Weekend League could see many players return and enjoy the competitive gameplay again once more.

Along with the new playing system, players will also reportedly come away with better rewards from packs, depending on how high your ranking is, of course.

So, how will the new proposed Weekend League work in FIFA 22 and what do the leaks suggest so far?

According to @FUTZONECENTRAL on Twitter, the new qualifying system for the Weekend League in FIFA 22 will be entirely different than years before.

The FIFA fan account claims that the new system to qualify for the weekend contest will be slightly similar to Daily Knockout Tournaments.

Apparently, players will only be able to afford to lose a certain number of games while having to win a certain amount to qualify.

Also, in order to achieve balance and fairness, qualifying matches for the Weekend League will be skill-based, depending on your record in Divisions.

For now, though, this is all just a rumour and we will have to wait for it to be confirmed at a later date.