FIFA 22: Gameplay Reveal Today - Watch the trailer premiere here

FIFA 22: Gameplay Reveal Today - Watch the trailer premiere here


Electronic Arts shows first gameplay for FIFA 22: The publisher has announced a stream for today to present further details on the new football simulation. The premiere starts at 7 p.m. - we have included the stream below these lines. It is not known how much material the developers plan to show in the new EA Play Live Spotlight issue today. However, they want to provide a deeper insight into the next-gen features for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The focus is likely to be on the HyperMotion animation system, which will enable the new consoles and stadia to run smoothly and quickly. The new technology is not used on PC and last-gen consoles.

The technology enables motion capturing of entire teams, so that realistic player movements should result in every game situation. Whether EA will also deal with individual game modes in the live stream for FIFA 22 (buy now € 59.99 / € 53.99) remains to be seen. For the kicker, the developers announced new features "in further gameplay areas" as well as modes such as career, volta, pro clubs and ultimate team.

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FIFA 22: This game is an absolute cheek!

Recycled content, chargeable next-gen upgrades, missing features on the PC: With FIFA 22, EA Sports is venturing into new spheres of audacity. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 22: Release & first information about the innovations - trailer shows next-gen technology

After confirmation of the cover start, Electronic Arts will show the first trailer for FIFA 22. Im Article we have the information ready. PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 22: Cover star confirmed, date for the reveal trailer has been set

Electronic Arts has announced the first bits of information about FIFA 22. In addition to the cover star, the publisher confirms the date for the reveal trailer. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1376203,1376071,1375661,1375616'; It is possible that the game variants will not be examined in more detail until July 22, when Electronic Arts will broadcast the show EA Play Live - and present the new games in its portfolio. FIFA 22 is slated to hit the market on October 1st. The release is planned for PC and consoles. A legacy edition that is slimmed down in terms of scope is being released for Nintendo Switch. By the way: This time an upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X is only included with the expensive Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22.

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FIFA 22 is Getting an Inferior Version on PC Because EA Doesn’t Want to “Force Players to Upgrade Their Machines”

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EA Sports has attracted a lot of controversy with the announcement of FIFA 22, and on top of the game’s price on new consoles, the thing that’s drawn the most criticism is its PC version. The new HyperMotion Technology is the game’s biggest selling point this year, but that’s not going to be included in the PC version, with PC players being left behind with an inferior version of the game for a second year in the row.

And why exactly is that? In a statement to PC Gamer, EA said that it’s all because of system requirement considerations. The HyperMotion Technology’s implementation would have ratcheted up the game’s minimum requirements, and EA Sports wasn’t willing to do that for fear of leaving a number of players behind- so they just decided to release an inferior version of the game for all PC players.

“Bringing HyperMotion technology and Immersive Match Day features to PC would have raised the minimum spec requirements and resulted in a large proportion of players unable to run the game,” EA says. “This would have significantly impacted our PC community who enjoy FIFA each year, with many players being excluded or forced to upgrade their machines to play the game. We are looking forward to all our PC players experiencing the gameplay advances and new season of innovation on offer in FIFA 22.”

FIFA 22 launches for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on October 1. On the Nintendo Switch, it’s once again going to be a legacy edition.