Farming Simulator 22: New details from FarmCon 2021

Farming Simulator 22: New details from FarmCon 2021

Farming Simulator 22

The big FarmCon 2021 is currently taking place, at which astragon Entertainment and the development studio GIANTS Software will present the Farming Simulator 22, among other things. The team revealed some new details that we naturally do not want to withhold from you. It started with a presentation of a system that is responsible for changing the seasons. This not only ensures that the seasonal changes (snowfall, blooming flowers, falling leaves, etc.) are clearly visible, but also have an impact on the gameplay.

There is, for example, a harvest calendar that shows you relatively precisely which crops you should plant and harvest in certain months. That will determine your plans and your organizations, as you certainly do not want to risk any crop failures. Incidentally, this is also linked to the economic system, which you have to calculate more precisely. It is not always advisable to sell immediately after the harvest, as the market is often saturated with certain products at this time. In this case it can be worthwhile to store the goods for a certain period of time before you bring them to market.

GIANTS Software also has the new US map called "Elmcreek" for the farming simulator 22 (buy now 39.99 € / 39.99 €). This is located in the mid-west of the USA and accordingly far from a coast. Instead you will find a canyon with a cave, rivers and a lot on the map. In addition, there are the foothills of a small town and other striking landscape features. There is definitely enough space for your activities as a farmer so that you can really let off steam.

You can find new screenshots from Farming Simulator 22 in our online gallery below this message - as well as a suitable video. The release of the game is planned for November 22nd, 2021 on PC and consoles.

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Farming Simulator 22 Outlines Seasons in PS5, PS4 Agriculture Sim

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about those kind of seasons: Farming Simulator 22 is not hopping on the Battle Pass bandwagon, but is instead adding seasons to its gameplay loop in order to make for a more authentic agricultural experience. The video above gives a good overview of how it all works, showcasing the visual alterations you can expect as you lurch from spring to summer and so on.

Effectively, each in-game day will represent a month, and you can set how long you want each 24 hour period to be. You’ll need to think ahead because specific crops will grow better during different parts of the year, while commercially there’ll be greater demand for out-of-season grains, allowing you to maximise your profits. Grass won’t grow when it snows, so you’ll need to keep that in mind if you’re rearing animals as well.

It’s all part of a deep dive into the title, as Giants Software hosts FarmCon this week. You can also take a detailed look at the new American-inspired Elmcreek map through here, with a full gameplay presentation due imminently as well. Remember, Farming Simulator 22 is due out on 22nd November, for both the PlayStation 5 and PS4.