Fallout New Vegas: mod with zombies revisits the game

Fallout New Vegas: mod with zombies revisits the game

Fallout New Vegas

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Fallout New Vegas continues to live on after 11 years thanks to the tireless and exemplary work of the modder community, despite the fact that the saga has now reached chapter 4. Just last week we told you about a huge mod that turns the game into a Star Wars surrogate (article here), this time it's the turn of the post-apocalypse zombie.

The mod in question is called Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mod, existing in the modding landscape for some time, but now in its 2.0 version that adds tons of novelties between gameplay elements, mechanics and a new themed map. The Zombies Mod appeared around December 2020, and now less than a year later it is ready to introduce a lot of new material for Fallout fans.

Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mod is the brainchild of the modder “ZRV01”, aided by a team of modders who are experienced in editing the Bethesda game. The author calls this change "as if Call of Duty's Zombie mode was added to Fallout New Vegas". In fact, the mod replicates in detail the famous COD mode, also drawing on the points system, powers and some killing modes.

The first novelty of version 2.0 of Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mod is a unpublished map called Sierra Madre. As you can see from the disturbing trailer below, the area is completely shrouded in grim darkness and the enemies are hordes of the undead (not just humans or humanoid forms). The map would appear to be divided into different areas accessible through puzzles and mechanisms scattered around.

The other new features added by this version 2 of the Fallout New Vegas Zombies Mod are new abilities such as Mule Kick, new zombie models including Hellhounds also visible in the trailer above, a new dead system, a new system of explosions with Molotov cocktails, new weapons like the Bowie Knife, and much more that you can read and discover through the official page of the mod on Nexus.

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Fallout: New Vegas Mod Turns the Game Into Star Wars

Fans are currently developing a mod for Fallout: New Vegas that would recreate the Bethesda game using characters and worlds from the Star Wars universe. The project is called Star Wars Open Worlds, and it's currently being developed by Tank_Girl444, while Karim Najib is serving as 'designer and mentor.' The mod will be set during the Empire's early days, and will feature 12 different locations from the saga. The player will also be able to choose multiple paths on their journey: lightside, darkside, 'Gray,' and sandbox. These choices will have an impact on the overall storyline, as well as the companions available. A video of the mod can be found at the top of this page.

A playable version of the mod has not been released yet, but the trailer certainly looks impressive! The mod will apparently feature full voice-acting, a crafting system, bounty hunting, and more. Players will also have the option of creating their own character, allowing them to choose a species, name, and more. There will be an upgrade system, as well.

All in all, this looks like it could be an exciting project if it manages to be completed! That said, fans will want to temper their expectations, as this project could end up getting shut down by Disney. From the mod's website, it seems that the team is well aware that this is a possibility, but it remains to be seen whether or not there will be legal issues that prevent its release.

It's always interesting to see the mods that Star Wars fans are able to come up with! There have been a number of ambitious projects designed and developed by fans, and it just goes to show the impact that the Star Wars universe continues to have on fans. It remains to be seen whether or not this one will see the light of day, but fans of Fallout: New Vegas and Star Wars are definitely going to want to keep an eye on this one in the coming days.

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