EVGA will replace all damaged RTX 3090s from New World

EVGA will replace all damaged RTX 3090s from New World

Amazon has recently released the closed beta of its latest video game, New World, which however seems to have already caused a multitude of problems even before the official launch: a lot of RTX 3090 (and not only) were in fact damaged by the execution of the video game, due to the excessive heating that affected the components. Among the cards most affected were those produced by EVGA, which promptly confirmed the replacement of the damaged graphics cards; Amazon for its part has declared the beta as safe, however it has released a patch that should resolve the situation.

An excellent customer service offered by EVGA therefore, even if the problem does not seem to be in the GPUs: the damage would in fact derive from the fact that the video game does not have a frame limiter in the main menu, consequently leading to an overload of work on the graphics card and the consequent increase in temperatures and related irreversible damage. The limiter was then added by Amazon Games via the aforementioned patch.

New World 1080p YouTuber JayzTwoCents carried out some tests on the video game, using two RTX 3090s, one produced by EVGA and one by MSI: from the results of the tests it can be seen that the card produced by EVGA has been subjected to an energy consumption higher than 20% compared to that supported (and supported), resulting in the use of 400 W of power, compared to the limit value that oscillates between 360 and 375 W.

It is strange to hear such a thing in 2021, considering all the technological advancement we have seen so far: it was in fact from the days when graphics cards were not "fried" by the FurMark stress test that we have not he was faced with such problems, also considering the fact that it has not yet been identified whether the problem of overheating concerns the capacitors, the graphics card memory or the VRMs. However, we expect Amazon's video games division to resolve the problem before the official launch of New World (which should be scheduled for August 31, 2021) and allow all users to be able to play it in peace, without having to worry about irreversibly damaging the own graphics cards.

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