Crytek before takeover: Tencent allegedly wants to buy the Crysis developer

Crytek before takeover: Tencent allegedly wants to buy the Crysis developer

Crytek before takeover

Allegedly, the Chinese company Tencent intends to take over the German-based development studio Crytek (Crysis). At least that's what a report in the Bild newspaper shows. As their politics editor Julian Röpcke explains in several tweets, Tencent should be worth a total of 300 million euros for this deal. It would be the next big takeover after the purchase of the also German studio Yager from Berlin, which was only recently wrapped up.

However, the report shows that these plans are mainly among the employees of Crytek is anything but positive. Accordingly, they have concerns that their software could be used for military purposes after a takeover by Tencent. There is also some concern that China could use Tencent's position at Crytek to spy on Western military and arms manufacturers. The development of programs for war simulations using Crytek technologies are also under discussion. Whether these are justified objections, of course, cannot be conclusively clarified at the moment the duty to prevent this takeover. Accordingly, the topic has already reached the higher circles of the German government.

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Source: Twitter