Call of Duty Warzone: A new hack allows you to kill enemies by shooting on the ground

Call of Duty Warzone: A new hack allows you to kill enemies by shooting on the ground

Call of Duty Warzone

Despite Activision's best efforts, Call of Duty Warzone hackers are always one step ahead. Especially on PC, the battle royale is marred by players who for some strange reason enjoy playing with activated hacks, which allow them to have enormous help. For example, their latest gimmick allows you to kill opponents simply by shooting them on the ground.

This kind of hack has been extensively documented on Reddit and shows how it is possible to kill other players simply by shooting them on the ground. You don't even have to be close to enemies to score a kill. In some cases, documented in this post, these bontemponi not only have activated this annoying hack, but show it off with all the arrogance of the case in front of the "adversaries", trolling them without restraint, as if it were somehow thanks to them.

In this case the user has scored 37 kills without even having to target an opponent once. This is something that, of course, could not make the very large community of the game happy, now very tried by the continuous repetition of situations similar to this one.

Activision has tried in many different ways to intervene, also declaring " war "on hackers. War that, however, at this moment, the American giant does not seem to be able to win. Obviously the developers will try to find a remedy for this problem, but in the meantime many people will have their games ruined by these bontemponi.

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Call of Duty: Warzone has a serious 'cheating' problem with no viable fix in sight

Call of Duty: Warzone seems to be slowly falling into the abyss many multiplayer games have been before.

A good example is CS: GO, whose players started leaving the game because Valve's anti-hack security started to fail, and then Valorant offered a better alternative. Hackers and cheaters had flooded CS: GO to the extent that some even made it to pro tournaments.

Warzone is currently showing similar signs, and the player base seems distraught at how casually Raven Software and Activision are treating the scenario. The available Warzone hacks are evolving and getting better regarding anti-detection and more fatal for legit players.

Soft hacks are sometimes undetectable as the players do a great job of hiding them. Hackers sometimes use aimbot hacks to lock their aim onto enemy players automatically. Many pros have been accused of using aimbots when they were just showcasing high-skill gameplay.

However, hackers in Warzone have upgraded, and they are not afraid of Activision anymore. They can simply come back with the same hacks via a new profile.

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Silent Aim is the new hack gaining traction in Verdansk. It is simply an evolved iteration of the aimbot hack, but it does not require players to actually aim.

All that cheaters have to do is shoot in the player's general direction, and all the bullets will register. A video on Call of Duty: Warzone's subreddit showed one player spectating the hacker using Silent Aim.

In the clip, the hacker never aims, shoots at the ground, goes in circles while shooting, but can still land the shots on the last remaining enemy to win the match.

While Raven Software claims to have banned 500,000 profiles of cheaters, more and more such clips surface daily.

Below is a video of a hacker who shot a player in the sky effortlessly.

This is unacceptable, and if Warzone continues to be riddled with hackers and cheaters in every lobby, the future of this title might be bleak.