ARM, this value will be very important for the chips of the future

ARM, this value will be very important for the chips of the future


ARM recently published a new article on its ARM Blueprint blog, stating that the computing paradigm, as we know it today, is changing. More specifically, the company has defined the p restations per watt as the new value to aim for in the future. Rob Aitken, ARM Fellow & Director of Technology, wrote a post giving a retrospective look at the industry and what lies ahead.

credit: From the start, we have seen a huge increase in one area: the density of the transistors. According to an observation, called Moore's Law, according to which the number of transistors doubles every two years, we are seeing continuous improvements in the performance of our devices. This was roughly valid until a major hurdle was encountered in recent years.

Semiconductor sizes can progressively decrease, but as we get closer to atoms size it is nearly impossible to build new nodes production so small. There are analyzes that estimate how far we can go, however, this is not the message that ARM is trying to convey with its post.

The company suggests that, as we are at a breaking point, where the modern design, or perhaps the new IP currently under development, is taking on an important factor in the creative process. We talk about computational efficiency and performance per watt.

Credit: ARM According to ARM, performance per watt is "the new paradigm" that will take over, as most modern designs consider computational efficiency as one of the primary factors for further improvements. As projects get larger and more complex, they can become highly inefficient. To get better products, engineers need to aim for a certain performance point and use as little power as possible.

Rob Aitken said:

Optimizing workloads to take advantage of ultra-low-power processing is also gaining ground through moves like TinyML, which focuses on optimizing workloads machine learning work (ML), allowing them to operate with a few milliwatts of power.

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