Ambermoon: Free open source remake available

Ambermoon: Free open source remake available


Available a completely free open source remake of Ambermoon, historical role-playing game for Amiga by the late Thalion Software, now natively playable also on PC. This is the second episode of a never ended trilogy (the first chapter was called Amberstar) and it never came out of Germany, except through "alternative" channels (read import or piracy).

It was an incredible title, both from a technical and gameplay point of view. Unfortunately he failed to save Thalion from bankruptcy (at the time the Amiga was already in decline and was plagued by suffocating piracy).

Of course the original Ambermoon is playable via emulation, but this version is really faithful and worth a try, even though it is not yet the definitive one. Moreover, it is compatible with different systems: Windows, Mac, Pi4 and Linux.

You can download the Ambermoon remake from Github. If you have performance problems download and install GLFW. For more information on Ambermoon, go to this dedicated page.

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Firestar's Family Tree: Cloudtail

I've been working on this one off and on for months, but commissions kept getting in the way. I've decided to take a vacation and just do personal work for a while. :D 

Here's the start of Cloudtail's side of the family! From left to right in the top row we have Cloudtail, Brightheart, Whitewing, Birchfall, and Dovekit and Ivykit. On the bottom we have Dovepaw and Ivypaw as apprentices, and Cloudtail and Brightheart's second litter Snowbush, Ambermoon, and Dewnose. 

I know Whitewing is canonically supposed to be white, but there are already so many white cats in this picture. I gave her a few small patches ov verry dilute lavender markings, both as a continuation of Brightheart's markings, and as an explanation for where the heck Ivy's markings come from. 

 I will be doing Dove and Ivy as warriors separately, along with each of their families from later in the series. But I wanted to draw them as apprentices now, as Ivy will look quite different as she ages and acquires more scars. (Right now, Ivypaw is just starting to resent Dovepaw, and they're growing apart. Ivy may only just have found the dark forest at this time, and hasn't been training there long.)

Dovekit in this image is using her powers, thus the eyes. By the time she becomes an apprentice, she has better control over them. I want to do an exploration of the three's powers at some point, and I might change how this looks later. 

Snow, Amber, and Dew are, to be clear, much, much younger then Dove and Ivy. The former are already warriors by the time the cat's who are technically their uncles and aunt are born, and Ivy mentors one of them. But, to be honest, they're not much but background characters, and I don't really care about them enough to do continuations showing their families. 

So, ether Dove or Ivy will be next. I think I might do Dovewing and Tigerheart-star first, mainly because I kinda want to draw Shadowsight. 

Quick note: I diddn't realize till I was almost done, but Birchfall's markings, plus his ears, kinda make him look like a hyaena. Oops. :D I like it too much to change it though. 

Other pieces in the series! 

Firestar   Firestar   Firestar

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do you have permission to repost or use this image or my other work for any reason, unless specifically stated otherwise. Do not repost my art to other websites, use my art as banners, reaction images, page backgrounds, examples, or any other personal or commercial use. If you have a question, or would like to ask permission to use a piece, please contact me about it.