Abandoned: the app goes live on August 10 with support for 4K, 3D audio and DualSense

Abandoned: the app goes live on August 10 with support for 4K, 3D audio and DualSense


The issue of Abandoned is better specified, in particular as regards the app specifically designed for the game, which now has a precise launch date set for August 10, as well as some more specifically indicated features.

The information comes directly from Blue Box, the development team that recently rose to the limelight for a rather strange story that still surrounds its mysterious game: there is indeed a strange theory that considers Abandoned in truth as a screen for a another project, which could even be Hideo Kojima's new Silent Hill.

Although this theory has been debunked from various sources, several mysteries regarding Abandoned remain, starting with this strange app that should serve to see trailers and multimedia content related to the game, in an initiative that is not usually used by PS5 games, even less by those that should arrive are from small indie teams like this one.

In any case, Blue Box was extremely explicit in this message, unlike what happened previously: "The Abandoned trailer app will be made available in free preload July 29 for PS5 users, with the introduction available on August 10 followed by a first trailer later in August, "the team wrote on Twitter.

The Abandoned app should allow you to see trailers in 4K and 60 fps in "real time", also taking advantage of the 3D audio and DualSense features, suggesting a certain degree of interaction. The app can therefore be downloaded from the end of July, while the introduction will be available from 10 August but the first real trailer of Abandoned is only scheduled for late August, still without a release date after the postponement announced in recent days.

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Abandoned Trailers App For PS5 Gets A New Release Date

After two weeks of silence, Blue Box Game Studios has announced a new release date for Abandoned trailers app on PS5.

The mysterious PS5 game Abandoned is an upcoming survival horror-tinged FPS set in an open-world environment. Its developers had promised a real-time trailers app for PS5 owners to give the first glimpse of the game.

However, the game has suffered multiple delays and the release date has been shifted twice already. It was supposed to launch on June 25 but instead, Game Director Hasan Kahraman posted a video informing of the delay and its reasons.

Now, Blue Box Studios has announced another release timeline for the trailer launch including an app preload date.

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    Abandoned PS5 Trailers App Preload Date

    In the latest tweet, Blue Box Game has confirmed that the Abandoned trailers app will be available to preload free of charge for all PS5 users on July 29, 2021.

    The tweet also mentions that the introduction will be made available on August 10 and the first trailer will arrive later in August.

    We hope this to be the final release date for the trailer app and that there won’t be further delays.

    Mystery And Conspiracy Theories Around Abandoned, Kojima And Blue Box

    In the past several weeks, Abandoned has gained a lot of traction owing to conspiracy theories alleging that Blue Box and the Game Director Hasan are in fact a front for the famous developer Hideo Kojima.

    A lot of people believe Abandoned is actually Kojima’s next game — which may or may not be the canceled game Silent Hills.

    This theory was born out of a tweet posted by Blue Box indicating that Abandoned wasn’t the real name of the game. Instead, they teased the name of the game hinting that it starts with the alphabet S and ends with L.

    The mystery and conspiracy theories escalated so much that Hasan had to come forward in a video to prove that he is a real person. And the studio had to put out an official statement to clarify that they are not associated to Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima.

    But this only caused more people to take notice, and dig out even more connections between the two games.

    At the moment, there are no concrete details on the story, characters, and setting of the game. So for now, we can only wait to know more about the game until the trailer launches in August.

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