WitcherCon: the Netflix and CD Projekt RED virtual fan event arrives

WitcherCon: the Netflix and CD Projekt RED virtual fan event arrives


During the last day of Netflix's first edition of Geeked Week, CD PROJEKT RED and Netflix announced the virtual fan event WitcherCon, revealing the date and first details of the celebration of The Witcher franchise.

The event will be held on Netflix's Twitch and YouTube channels on Friday 9 July at 7.00pm and will be followed by a second stream on Saturday 10 July at 3.00am on the same channels. Combining the world of video games and that of the TV series, WitcherCon will be an epic event for all fans, old and new.

Announced WitcherCon, the great event for fans of The Witcher

WitcherCon will feature a variety of fun and interactive panels featuring those who brought The Witcher to life as a video game and TV series. In addition, there will be news, exclusive behind-the-scenes scenes and revelations from the entire The Witcher franchise.

A journey to discover the creativity and production of video games from CD PROJEKT RED, including the new mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer, but also comics, merchandise from the Netflix series and the anime film Nightmare of the Wolf. During the event, fans will thus have the opportunity to explore the traditions, legends, monsters and origins of the Continent.

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With a lot probability will also be revealed the official release date of the second season of The Witcher, a TV series with Henry Cavill in the role of Geralt, of which a new teaser trailer was released yesterday.

For the great lovers of the videogame franchise by CD Projekt RED, finally, there is great news: The Witcher 3, considered by many to be the best chapter of the saga, could soon land for free on PS Now, the streaming catalog of the Sony console that contains over 600 titles.

Waiting for WitcherCon, you can retrieve the first printed volume, entitled The Guardian of the Innocents. You can find it, at an affordable price, by following this link.

Netflix announces first-ever WitcherCon this July


Henry Cavil stars as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix show based on a book series and video game, The Witcher.


Netflix announced it will partner with CD Projekt Red to host the first-ever WitcherCon, starting July 9. The digital event will be based on The Witcher, the fantasy book series, Netflix series and video game franchise that has amassed a fervent fan base since Netflix released the first season of the show in December 2019.

Netflix on Friday also shared a short teaser clip of season 2 that features the character Ciri, played by Freya Allan.

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News of WitcherCon comes as Netflix wraps up its first-ever Geeked Week, a virtual event that began June 7 and ends today. Netflix has teased upcoming releases of several popular shows besides The Witcher, including He-Man, which will feature Star Wars star Mark Hamill voicing legendary villain Skeletor, and the wildly popular Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

Although Netflix's production of The Witcher's second season has reportedly been wrapped since April, an official release date has yet to be announced. 

Netflix didn't respond immediately to a request for comment.

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