Will Nvidia ramp up RTX 3000 production by sacrificing old glory?

Will Nvidia ramp up RTX 3000 production by sacrificing old glory?

Ever since Nvidia launched the RTX 30 series graphics cards on the market, it has always tried to push as hard as possible to increase the production of the RTX 2060, thanks also to the particularly low prices at which the company has managed to place it on the market. Figures that, given today's lack of chips in the last period, we will hardly go back to see in the near future.

The merit of the "lowered" price is mainly due to the fact that this graphics card is based on the TU106 GPU , which thanks to its small size is also cheaper to produce. Other solutions to save on the cost of producing this video card concern various changes made to the heatsink, to which slight changes have been made in the various versions with the aim of making it simpler and cheaper.

A post appeared on Board Channels (a dedicated forum for partners and component distributors), however, indicates how Nvidia has decided to limit the amount of RTX 2060 produced starting this month, in order to dedicate more resources in terms of space, time and money to the RTX 3000. The GPUs of the new generation of video cards are produced by Samsung, unlike the TU106 which have always been produced by TSMC. However, this change of partner should not significantly affect delivery times, considering that the production phase of video cards includes a series of components (GPU and memory in particular) currently victims of the shortage of components.

We know that in order to divert the attention of non-gamers (miner et al.) from GeForce RTX, Nvidia has decided to introduce a hash rate limiter on new video cards (which will arrive on the market with the acronym Lite Hash Rate) and at the same time designing a new series dedicated exclusively to the mining of cryptocurrencies, such CMPs. Only time will tell if these solutions will ensure a market recovery or if the global chip shortage will last any longer.

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