The Pisan cartoonist Tuono Pettinato died

The Pisan cartoonist Tuono Pettinato died

Recently the sad news of the death of Andrea Paggiaro was published, better known in his world, that of comics, under the pseudonym of Tuono Pettinato. The author has not only created the illustrations for various children's books, but has also created works such as the comic versions of the biographies of some famous people; he also collaborated with the website, which divulged the news.

Life and works of Tuono Pettinato

Born in Pisa on 27 September 1976, Andrea Paggiaro chose Tuono Pettinato as his stage name, inspired by La Biblioteca di Babele, a story written by Jorge Luis Borges and published in 1941; in this imaginary and infinite library there are innumerable books in which the words are written without an apparent order, in bulk, thus resulting incomprehensible, if not for some rare and sporadic example such as "combed thunder".

Thanks his work gave birth to the comic biographies of Galileo Galilei, Alan Turing, Francesca Riccioni and Giuseppe Garibaldi. He also created the Super Amici collective together with fellow cartoonists Maicol & Mirco (of which only Michael Rocchetti remains), LRNZ, Ratigher and Doctor Pira.

Sarcastic, thoughtful, intense, Tuono Pettinato was a great author much appreciated also for his black humor, all elements, these, that characterize his works as Corpicino, which tells the way in which an infanticide is cannibalized by the press, the media and ordinary people, willing to do anything, just to appear for a fleeting moment in front of the cameras.

We also remember Chatwin, published in 2019, which tells the story of an adventurer cat who abandons his old everyday life to dedicate himself to travel instead.

If you want to get to know Tuono Pettinato's work more closely or are simply missing some of his volumes from your collection, take a look at this page on Amazon.