The government expands the national perimeter for cybersecurity

The government expands the national perimeter for cybersecurity

It includes 223 essential functions for everyday life and the keeping of the country. The first tests of the new rules start on June 23

Cybersecurity (Getty Images) In view of the activation of the national cyber security perimeter, scheduled for June 23, the government has approved an update of the list of subjects which will be included in the new protection measures. Thus leading to an enlargement of the scope of application of the security measures that Italy is adopting to protect itself from cyber threats.

The subjects included in the protection of the security perimeter are public and private entities that provide social, economic and strategic services, exercising “223 essential functions of the state”, reads the statement issued by the government. These include telecommunications, energy, financial and welfare services, transport, defense, internal security, the space industry, public administration, research centers and health services. The latter are already under the protection of the European cyber defense rules, after having suffered numerous attacks in the last year.

In the coming days, the State Security Information Department (Dis) will make direct contact with the new subjects involved, who will then have to communicate which networks and information systems and IT services they use for the provision of services of national interest. This measure, together with the announcement a few days ago of the creation of a national cybersecurity agency, represents the first developments of the cyber security plan approved in decree law 105 of 2019.

Italy is working to increase the level of IT protection of critical infrastructures. The perimeter will begin the test phase from 23 June, to verify its stability and effectiveness, limited to the subjects indicated by the government on 22 December. These will be required to apply all the security measures provided and to notify the Italian Computer security incident response team (Csirt) of any problems. The Csirt is the national structure, established at the Dis, responsible for monitoring, intercepting, analyzing and responding to cyber threats.

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