The Facebook smartwatch with cameras and heart sensor

The Facebook smartwatch with cameras and heart sensor

It could debut as early as next summer with the ability to connect to the network without having to hook up to Android or iPhone smartphones. What about privacy?

(Photo: Pixabay) The first Facebook smartwatch is expected to debut next summer with integrated cameras and a heart rate monitor. From the rumors that arrive overseas it seems that discussions with various telephone operators are already well underway to also include the telephone connection and bypass the obligatory contact with Apple and Google since the digital watch would not require pairing with a smartphone.

There are still no renderings or stolen photos of the device but it should look not too different from current smartwatches, from the latest Apple Watch to the most voted fitness proposals. As anticipated by The Verge, this gadget would be Facebook's first step towards the construction and consolidation of a physical support capable of accompanying in daily life through a series of services. In short, something that could compete with smartphones themselves as handyman devices.

On the hardware side, there would therefore be a dual camera with a front sensor for video calls and selfies and a more defined eye (with autofocus and capabilities full hd video) on the back that can also detach - probably with the entire dial - both for more comfortable shots and to match accessories such as stands, to apply to clothes or equipment or even to sticks and so on. The presence of a heart rate sensor naturally caters to sports applications and to keep fit.

According to sources reported by The Verge and remained anonymous, Facebook would not expect a bomb debut of the smartphone that could in fact sell less than a million copies with the first version. More than possible to imagine that it will only be released in a few countries and then gradually it will spread to the rest of the world. Collaboration with telephone operators (primarily the American ones) would allow use without going through the Android smartphone or iPhone, being able to connect to the network independently and then also access the various proprietary services such as Facebook itself or Instagram. And, why not, even WhatsApp ready to open for use on four devices with a single account.

The biggest obstacle remains to be overcome, namely the possible distrust of potential buyers to put a Facebook branded device on their wrist able to access photos, videos as well as physical parameters such as heart rate. Not that other manufacturers are always synonymous with total security and confidentiality, but certainly after the latest known events Facebook must regain a lot of trust from consumers.

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