Sony wants to buy a fighting game giant?

Sony wants to buy a fighting game giant?

Unlike Microsoft, Sony did not want to throw itself headlong into the acquisition of large software houses, probably because it was convinced of the potential of those it already had. PlayStation 5, as well as the previous console, already promises titles of great depth, including the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West or the sequel to God of War. However, according to a well-known leaker, the Japanese company may be in talks to acquire an important development company from the rising sun.

The following is stated by Dealer, a leaker who had made himself known after announcing the arrival of the expansion of Ghost of Tsushima: according to him, Sony is currently in talks to acquire Arc System Works, development team behind the excellent Dragon Ball FighterZ, BlazBlue and Guilty Gear -Strive-, which we recently reviewed. We are therefore talking about a very important software house with great potential, especially in the 2D fighting game genre.

Dealer also affirms that the negotiations are already in a rather advanced phase or almost finished, entering more specifically. It is difficult to say how credible this statement can be, especially due to the growing proximity of Arc System Works with Bandai Namco, which in recent years has published games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and the last chapter of the Guilty Gear series, works that have a remarkable impact on the Japanese market.

I've already hinted at the Ghost Of Tsushima Expansion coming. Details leaked shortly after.

Today it's all about Sony Studio acquisitions…

Think Arc System Works.

Think Guilty Gear.

Sony is apparently in talks with this team, late stages. Quality studio. #Xbox #PlayStation

- DEALER (@Dealer_Gaming) June 26, 2021

However, due to the increasing difficulty of PlayStation in that territory, credibility could be given to the rumor, with Sony that could push the accelerator on important titles for Japanese players. Could this acquisition, after that of the EVO tournament, be a sign of closer proximity to the world of esports? As always, we advise you to take the above with a grain of salt and stay connected so as not to miss any news.

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