Pawse is the first Italian beer for dogs

Pawse is the first Italian beer for dogs

In the wake of the success of the one launched in the US last summer, the Treviso company Da Pian 1904 launches the first local beer for dogs, obviously non-alcoholic and based on pasteurized water, fructose, honey and a pinch of salt

A can of Pawse (photo: From Pian 1904) The dog lovers of our house can finally stop envying those abroad who can already toast with Fido. Pawse, the first beer for dogs produced in Italy, will be available from the end of June. Who knows if it will have the same success as the one launched in the US last summer, which sold out in a very short time. They certainly hope for Da Pian 1904, the beverage distribution company of Ponzano Veneto (Treviso), which will bring the dog-friendly product into the bowls of our local dogs.

La Pawse (the name is a game of words between paw, paw, and pause, pause) is obviously non-alcoholic and is made with pasteurized water, fructose, honey and a pinch of salt. It is packaged in 33 centiliter cans, preferred to the glass bottle because they are more sustainable, thanks to the possibility of 100 percent recycling of aluminum and the lower weight in transport. During the summer it will be distributed in bars and restaurants, ideally to allow four-legged friends to share the aperitif moment with their owners. According to the company, in fact, those who have a dog orient their choice in terms of places also according to how much the furry guest is liked.

“Dogs are increasingly part of Italian life”, explained Raffaella Da Pian, administrator of Da Pian 1904. “We think about their well-being and the possibility of sharing moments and experiences. Also a break for an aperitif in the pub. This is why we have thought of a beer for dogs. It was created by Alessandro Marcucci, owner of Fidovet, a Marche-based company with a qualified experience in food production for animals, which, like us, experiments and seeks excellence and innovation ".

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