Now your Mac with M1 can run Windows applications

Now your Mac with M1 can run Windows applications

Good news for Mac users who have switched to one of the new devices equipped with the Apple M1 SoC, but who want to launch and run applications originally intended for the Windows operating system. In fact, a recent update of the popular Wine compatibility layer software (as well as fixing over 60 bugs) has added the ability to use 64-bit Windows applications on computers equipped with M1 and macOS Big Sur.

Wine 6.0.1 it is only a maintenance release at the moment, but this important result opens the door to a wider use of software on new Macs that lack support for the Boot Camp functionality, instead present on previous Intel x86 CPU-based computers, as well as real and own virtualization options, with the exception of the Insider Preview versions of Windows on ARM.

As almost all major apps still work on M1, thanks to fast recompilations for M1's ARM architecture or translation technology Apple's Rosetta 2, only a few reasons remain that would lead a person to follow this path, such as the use of important and proprietary applications that only run on Windows.

O Obviously, if you are interested, we suggest you consult the database of compatible applications made available to the Wine team. It is certainly not surprising to see that the top ten of supported software is dominated by video games that have now several years on their backs, including the popular World Of Warcraft.

There has been talk on the net of the new MacBooks equipped with the successor to M1, known as M1X, and with a revised design, as already happened with the recent 24 ″ iMac. Today we talked to you about a further semi-official confirmation from the WWDC 2021 YouTube video. For more details, please refer to our dedicated article.

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