Nintendo Switch Pro: a new model at a higher price appears, imminent announcement?

Nintendo Switch Pro: a new model at a higher price appears, imminent announcement?

Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro could be imminent now, considering the sighting of a new model of the Nintendo console at a retailer with a higher price than the standard, set at 399 euros.

Such a price could be in line with a Nintendo Switch hardware revision which, however, is a step above the standard in terms of features, thus representing an updated and more powerful version, or in any case able to offer something more than the classic version, considering the price increase. br>
We are still in the realm of rumors: the photos taken from the database of the dealer in question, reported in the tweet below, could very well be frames, so there is no need to get too caught up in enthusiasm , also considering that the name "Nintendo Switch Pro" is reported precisely which has so far been adopted in the rumors but which seems difficult can really used by Nintendo.

In any case, there are now many clues and it is impossible to completely exclude the likelihood of such a sighting. On the other hand, according to another rumor, there was the possibility that Nintendo Switch Pro, or Super Nintendo Switch, could be announced already in the evening today or in the early hours of tomorrow, while according to others its presentation could take place earlier anyway. of E3 2021, considering that the Nintendo Direct scheduled for June 15 should focus only on the software.

As always, we take everything with due caution and await any developments on the issue from Nintendo, also cataloging this as a mere rumor.

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Nintendo E3 event set for this month, rumors suggest possible Switch Pro reveal

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been ramping up that Nintendo could soon launch an updated version of its most recent home console. Today, the company set a date for a new event related to E3. Could those rumors and this event be related?

The Nintendo Direct event will happen on June 15 (via Polygon). Unsurprisingly, Nintendo makes no mention of a Nintendo Switch Pro or any other console-related news. Instead, it confirmed that it will reveal details on upcoming Switch games. However, that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be time for a Switch Pro announcement.

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The Direct will begin at 12:00 PM ET on Tuesday, June 15, as a live stream. Nintendo confirms it will last for 40 minutes. Upon the conclusion of the event, a Nintendo Treehouse Live will immediately begin which will last for three hours. The Treehouse event will likely show expanded details and live gameplay for the games announced during the Direct.

Even if a Switch Pro doesn’t land on June 15, there will be plenty of juicy announcements. We expect new info on Mario Golf: Super Rush, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 3, and possibly an update on the status of Metroid Prime 4.

Keep in mind that even if Nintendo does reveal details on the Nintendo Switch Pro, the console wouldn’t likely hit store shelves until the Fall.